Commercial affairs

The Commercial Professional Committee is one of the core groups established by Shandong Chenggong Law Firm to promote commercial specialization. The Commercial Professional Committee adheres to the principle of Chenggong Institute's professional development, and adheres to the practice philosophy of "high-quality, efficient, and constantly improving". It is committed to developing refined commercial legal services, researching and developing refined legal service "flagship" products, and creating a high-quality and efficient legal service team.

The lawyers of this professional committee have a deep theoretical foundation, and most of them have experience in legal affairs for large and medium-sized enterprises. They can provide high-quality and high-level legal services that are truly needed for various large, medium, and small enterprises as well as other commercial entities. This committee is particularly skilled in business areas such as commercial legal litigation, corporate equity mergers and acquisitions, and various commercial transaction contract disputes. It has served as a legal advisor for multiple large, medium, and small enterprises, successfully representing multiple commercial cases, and has achieved remarkable performance.

The professional legal services provided by Chenggong in the commercial field include:

Commercial litigation and arbitration legal affairs

Provide litigation and arbitration agency for various commercial transaction disputes such as sales contracts, leasing contracts, equity transfers, processing contracts, insurance contracts, etc

◆ Litigation and arbitration agency for disputes arising from guarantees, asset mortgages, pledges, liens, and other security disputes in order to achieve commercial transactions

Commercial non litigation legal affairs

Due diligence on commercial cooperation

Conduct due diligence on various information of commercial partners, conduct legal risk analysis on transaction cooperation based on this, and issue a due diligence report

Provide advisory opinions or legal advice

Provide advisory opinions or issue legal opinions on legal issues related to commercial cooperation

◆ Participate in commercial negotiations

Participate in commercial negotiations, assist the client in designing negotiation plans, provide legal advice, and participate in various negotiation processes to strive for and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the client

◆ Contract management legal services

Draft and review various commercial transaction contracts, establish standardized contract management systems, and develop supporting contract format texts according to commercial needs

◆ Commercial and Legal Training

Provide training in commercial contract drafting and review, commercial contract management, capital operation, asset mergers and acquisitions, commercial legal litigation and arbitration practices, etc

classic case

Successfully represented Qingdao x Automation Technology Co., Ltd. and Zibo x Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. in a dispute over the sales contract. In the absence of sufficient evidence from the client, we helped them improve the evidence and ultimately won the case, recovering the payment and liquidated damages of over 6 million yuan.

Successfully represented Qingdao X Logistics Company and X Insurance Co., Ltd. in the case of vehicle insurance contract dispute. In the case where there were adverse disclaimer clauses in the insurance contract, the court ultimately found the disclaimer clauses invalid and supported the client's lawsuit request, saving the losses.

◆ In the case of a dispute over the processing and contracting contract between Qingdao x Rubber Co., Ltd. and Chongqing x Packaging Co., Ltd., where the debtor company used a shelling method to transfer the company's advantageous resources and company's debt, evidence was provided to prove the improper related party transactions of the related company, resulting in confusion of the debtor company's personality

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