Chenggong Jimo's "Sharing the Law and Enjoying Time" Afternoon Tea Exchange Salon

In order to facilitate timely case exchange and discussion, share case experience, improve case quality, enhance the professional level of lawyers, enrich the cultural and spiritual life of the law firm, and enhance the sense of belonging and happiness among lawyers, Chenggong (Jimo) held the first session of the "Sharing Law and Enjoying Time" afternoon tea exchange salon in its conference room on the afternoon of October 13, 2023.
The first item of the event was briefly introduced by Lawyer Zhou Na, a partner of the host Chenggong (Jimo), on the original intention of the afternoon tea salon event. It is hoped that through the salon event, in addition to alleviating the work pressure of lawyers, it can also provide an accessible communication platform for everyone to share information, learn from each other's strengths, use team strength to brainstorm, and improve the quality of case handling.
In the second item of the activity, lawyers Wu Xianghua, Qiao Ling, and Zhou Na each initiated a case discussion and provided a detailed introduction to the situation of the case. They analyzed the main facts of the case, the problems with the evidence, and the key points that need to be argued in detail. Finally, other lawyers presented their insights on relevant issues and discussed and exchanged ideas on hot topics. Based on their case handling experience, lawyers actively expressed their opinions and suggestions, providing valuable ideas for the subsequent case handling process. The on-site discussion atmosphere was lively.
The third item of the activity, Li Jingfeng, partner of Chenggong Institute and executive director of Chenggong (Jimo) Institute, gave a speech. Director Li Jingfeng said that the quality of lawyers handling cases varies, and it is a good team building activity to follow the case discussion. The initiator should understand the case thoroughly, prepare the materials, and actively participate in other available people. Steadily improving the quality of work, sharing resources, creating new sparks through collisions, filling the gaps in cases, and advancing and growing together.
In the fourth item of the activity, Yang Shuzhen, Senior Partner of Chenggong and Director of Chenggong (Jimo), gave a concluding speech. Director Yang Shuzhen stated that this salon activity reflects the law firm's emphasis on business discussions and exchanges, which is beneficial for lawyers to continuously improve their professional abilities, encourage everyone to actively participate in the activity, achieve true resource sharing, and common development.
After two hours, the first session of the "Sharing the Law and Enjoying Time" afternoon tea exchange salon organized by Chenggong (Jimo) was successfully concluded. After the meeting, the attendees shared delicious food together. It was unanimously agreed that through this activity, not only did they relax in their spare time, but they also effectively improved the practical experience of lawyers in handling cases, helped to understand controversial issues at multiple levels, promoted the growth of young lawyers, and provided a good way to exchange ideas and learn from each other's strengths and weaknesses.

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