Captain Song Wei of the Legal Brigade of the Shinan Branch of Qingdao Public Security Bureau and his delegation visited Chenggong Institute for research and exchange

On the afternoon of October 9, 2023, Song Wei, captain of the Legal Brigade of the Shinan Branch of the Qingdao Public Security Bureau, and Ni Xin, instructor of the Hong Kong Middle Road Police Station, visited Shandong Chenggong Law Firm for research and exchange. Zhang Wang, member of the Political Consultative Conference of Shinan District, senior partner of Chenggong Institute, and deputy director of the headquarters, as well as Zhang Zhiqiang, director of the administrative department of the headquarters, received the reception. Both sides had in-depth exchanges on the openness, transparency, and standardization of law enforcement by public security organs.
Director Zhang Wang believes during the exchange that the public security organs have always regarded "putting the people at the center" as an important development concept in the law enforcement process, fully implemented various policy requirements, and played a promoting role in promoting the rule of law and building a socialist rule of law country. This in-depth grassroots survey also reflects the original intention of the public security organs to actively seek problems from the grassroots, improve their own work, and resolve grassroots conflicts. We express our gratitude to Captain Song Wei and Instructor Ni Xin for visiting Chenggong Institute for in-depth research amidst their busy schedules.
Captain Song Wei pointed out that the public security organs are increasingly focusing on law enforcement evidence in order to achieve transparency and transparency in law enforcement activities. In addition, public security organs use advanced technological means and online communication platforms such as WeChat to establish connections with the people and encourage them to participate in law enforcement supervision activities. At the same time, public security organs need to use legal thinking to solve and break through difficult problems, and achieve standardized construction of public security law enforcement. During the law enforcement process, strict adherence to procedural requirements is required to improve the quality and efficiency of resolving public issues and social conflicts. Therefore, public security organs need to pay attention to the standardization and effectiveness of the entire law enforcement behavior.

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