About Us

About Us

General Situation of Chenggong

On the land of Qilu and the shores of the Yellow Sea, sincerity is the foundation and merits last forever. Shandong Chenggong Law Firm (hereinafter referred to as "Chenggong") was established in 1996, with its head office located in Shinan District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province. Under the leadership and support of the Qingdao Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Government, the Municipal Justice Bureau, and industry associations, and with the trust and promotion of our customers and all walks of life, Chenggong currently has branches in Huangdao, Laoshan, Chengyang, Jinan, There are 17 branches in Beijing, Jimo, Jiaozhou, Laixi, Shibei, Weifang, Pingdu, Dezhou, Qingdao Free Trade Zone, Laizhou, Binzhou, Zibo and Linyi, as well as expert legal service centers, public welfare centers, mediation centers, Chenggong Shuyuan; has nearly 500 practicing lawyers, intern lawyers, and non-lawyers; an office area of nearly 12,000 square meters; special legal services include but are not limited to people’s rights protection, government legal advisors, corporate compliance and legal risk prevention and control, Yongjunyou specializes in supporting government and caring for the people, intellectual property protection, protest retrial, and international foreign-related legal affairs; it has been approved by the State Intellectual Property Office to obtain patent agency qualifications. It is one of the few "double certificates" in the province that has both the qualifications of a law firm and the qualifications of a patent agency. Law firm, its business scope covers Qingdao, Shandong, the whole country and some overseas countries and regions.

Under the overall leadership of the Party, Chenggong adheres to the tenet of "building the office through Party building, prospering through business, establishing strong management, and establishing the office with integrity" and adhering to the principles of "obeying the Tao, respecting morality, respecting the law, loving people, being sincere, persistent, and innovative". , dedication, link, concentricity, synthesis, win-win, enhance, enhance, exert and develop" core values, and adhere to the path of common development and common prosperity of a community of interests, a community of action, and a community of destiny. Each law firm adheres to inheritance, reform and opening up, independence, self-reliance, and compliance development. All lawyers strive to be the most lovable people in legal China in the new era and to be those who rejuvenate the country through compliance and self-discipline. Chenggong is rooted in Qingdao, based in Shandong, and looking at the whole country, and is committed to building a one-stop ingenious law firm that is "team-based, intelligent, synthetic, branded, and circular" and a "localized, large-scale, branded, and shared" law firm. An innovative benchmark law firm that practices the five righteousnesses (correcting one's mind, generating righteous thoughts, using the righteous method, doing the right behavior, and achieving the right results), the five modernizations (standardization, professionalization, specialization, expert socialization), and the five (inheritance) lawyer, stauncher, legal practitioner, entrepreneur, practitioner), Five Laws (Fa He, Fa Xing, Bailiff, Fa Zhi, Fa Jie). This law firm development model has been fully recognized by Qingdao Municipal and District Justice Bureaus and Lawyers Association. Qingdao Judicial, Qingdao Finance Network, Xinhua Finance, Oriental Fortune Network and other media have successively reported on the innovative model of Chenggong.

Chenggong is always customer-oriented, based on customer experience and service value, accompanying customers and achieving customer success. It has criminal and criminal litigation, civil and civil litigation, administration, commercial affairs, marriage and family affairs, technology and intellectual property, companies, Human resources, corporate compliance, arbitration, mediation, finance, finance and taxation, foreign-related legal services, new rural construction, environmental resources, construction projects and real estate, network and digital economy, bankruptcy, insurance, securities and capital, investigation and preservation enforcement, social stability Risk assessment, 24 military-related professional legal service teams; as well as party building, strategic development, rights protection and reward and punishment assessment, publicity and outreach, market development and customer service, law firm construction, finance and assets, women, public welfare, youth, education and training 11 specialized committees work together to use the highest level of synthesis to promote cooperation between themselves and their customers and all walks of life.

Chenggong has successively won the honors of National Outstanding Law Firm, National Outstanding Law Firm Serving Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, the First National Best Public Welfare Action Award, Shandong Province Outstanding Law Firm, Shandong Province Famous Trademark, Shandong Province Service Brand, and Shandong Province Lawyer Industry Advanced Grassroots Party organization, Shandong Province Excellent Agency Appeal Law Firm, Excellent Member of Shandong Province Bankruptcy Administrators Association, Shandong Province Law Firm Excellent WeChat Official Account, Shandong Province First Law Firm Excellent Journal, Shandong Province Enterprise Culture Outstanding Achievements Second Prize , Qingdao Excellent Law Firm, Qingdao's Most Innovative Enterprise, Qingdao Social Responsibility Demonstration Enterprise, Qingdao Excellent Invalids Law Firm, Qingdao Outstanding "Invalids Alliance" Member Unit, Qingdao Integrity Law Firm, Qingdao Five Honorary titles such as star-level grassroots party organizations.

Chenggong actively introduces high-end think tanks, deeply links with various platforms, and establishes close ties with national, provincial, and municipal industry associations, including:

·Renmin University of China Law Practice Training Base

·Beijing Normal University Law School and Beijing Normal University Criminal Legal Science Research Institute Practical Teaching Base

·Nankai University Law Practice Training Base

·Ocean University of China Legal Practice Training Base

·Xi'an Jiaotong University Intellectual Property Research Center Qingdao Training Base

·Shandong University Law Practice Training Base

·Shandong University of Science and Technology Legal Practice Training Base

·Qingdao University of Science and Technology Law Practice Training Base

· China University of Political Science and Law Shandong Alumni Association Alumni Speech Training Camp Base

·Ludong University Employment Internship Base

·Liaocheng University College Student Employment Base and Practical Teaching Base

·Dezhou College Employment and Entrepreneurship Internship Base

·Qingdao Youth Employment Apprenticeship (Internship Training) Base

·Qingdao Institute of Technology off-campus practical education base

Sincerely contributed to the provincial and municipal Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Postal Savings Bank, Bank of Communications, China Merchants Bank, China CITIC Bank, Minsheng Bank, Everbright Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Hengfeng Bank, Hebei Bank, Qingdao Banks, Qingdao Rural Commercial Bank, Zheshang Bank, Ping An Insurance of China, China Life Insurance and other financial institutions; for Haier Group, Weichai Holding Group, Hisense Group, Qingjian Group, Xinhuajin Group, CRRC Qingdao Sifang, Tsingtao Beer Group , Shandong Port Qingdao Port Group, Qingdao Gulf Group, Qingdao Aucma, Qingdao Huatong, Double Star Group, Qingdao Guoxin, Shandong Finance, Lunan Mining, Qingdao Metro, Qingdao Transportation, Shanfu Group, Shouhong Group and other Chinese enterprises 500 We provide specialized legal services to high-quality large enterprises such as Qiangdao, Shandong Province's Top 100 Comprehensive Enterprises, and Qingdao's Top 100 Comprehensive Enterprises. Chenggong always keeps pace with the "times", the "market" and the "customers"!