Passion for work, rather than just work as a means to earn a living; Understand the importance of teamwork and be able to share hardships and successes with others; With ambitious goals in mind, but not ignoring the tedious details; We will be able to provide you with a platform to display your talents.

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Practicing Lawyer (Chengyang Office)


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Job responsibilities:
1. Accept the entrustment of the parties to represent the case; 2. Assist the director in completing other job requirements;

Job requirements:
1. Possess a practicing license and be able to independently handle cases; 2. Priority given to having the ability to independently source or explore cases; 3. Must have not been subject to industry or administrative sanctions; 4. Party members are given priority; 5. Special professional qualifications such as patent agency certificate or securities industry qualification are preferred; 6. Work steadfastly, have a sense of professionalism, strong communication skills, work responsibility, and teamwork awareness;
Treatment: negotiable
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