The special lecture on "Lawyer Health" by the Lawyers Association of Shinan District, Qingdao City was successfully held at Chenggong Institute

To better enhance the service level of the lawyer industry and continuously strengthen the lawyer's awareness of physical and mental health. In the afternoon of October 28, 2023, a special lecture on "Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular and diabetes Lawyers' Health" sponsored by the Law Firm Development, Culture, Sports and Member Service Committee of Qingdao Shinan District Lawyers Association was held in Shandong Chenggong Law Firm.
This lecture will be conducted in a joint online and offline format for lawyers in the entire southern district of Qingdao. Two clinical medical experts, Xin Hui, Deputy Director of Cardiology and Doctoral Supervisor at Qingdao University Affiliated Hospital, and Li Chengqian, Director of Endocrinology and Master's Supervisor at West Coast Hospital of Qingdao University Affiliated Hospital, will be invited as keynote speakers.
At the beginning of the activity, Guo Bin, president of Qingdao Shinan District Lawyers Association, welcomed the arrival of the two experts. He mentioned that with the rapid development of society, more and more lawyers need to pay attention to life and health. The District Lawyers Association has always adhered to the principle of caring for lawyers, and brought a lecture on cardiovascular and diabetes topics to everyone before the lawyers' physical examination. He hoped that lawyers could pass the doctor's explanation, You can find a healthy lifestyle and work style that suits you.
In the lecture, Director Xin Hui conducted a detailed heart health knowledge popularization through practical case analysis, explanation, and on-site interactive Q&A, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and caring for the body, from understanding coronary heart disease, how to prevent coronary heart disease, and the hazards of hypertension.
Director Li Chengqian, combined with actual cases, carefully and concisely analyzed the predisposing factors of diabetes, how to prevent and treat diabetes, and other related contents around the epidemic characteristics of diabetes, diagnostic standards, etc., to guide lawyers to take the initiative to pay attention to their own endocrine health, and improve their mentality and ability to maintain health in daily life.
This lecture on "Lawyer Health" helped everyone build a positive and healthy professional attitude, and also improved the awareness and attention of lawyers' peers on cardiovascular and diabetes health. Next, the District Lawyers Association will continue to adhere to the principle of caring for lawyers, actively improve work quality and efficiency, and provide more comprehensive and effective welfare protection for lawyers. At the same time, it also hopes that lawyers can balance work and rest, pay attention to physical health, maintain good living habits and mentality, better cope with various pressures and challenges, and devote themselves to work and life with full enthusiasm.

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