Binzhou Arbitration Office Visits Chenggong Binzhou Institute for Research and Work

On November 9, 2023, Wang Xiaodong, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Binzhou Arbitration Office, and a delegation visited Shandong Chenggong (Binzhou) Law Firm for research work. Zheng Binzhan, a member of the Party Group and a third level researcher of the Binzhou Arbitration Office, and relevant colleagues from the Arbitration Department accompanied the research.
Li Jianguo, Director of Chenggong (Binzhou) Office, welcomed the visit of the Binzhou Arbitration Office and his delegation. Director Li Jianguo introduced the development history, size, business characteristics, and next development ideas of Chenggong (Binzhou) Law Firm. He stated that since its establishment, Chenggong (Binzhou) Institute has inherent genes in arbitration business, and arbitration work is in line with the current social and economic development situation and requirements. Chenggong (Binzhou) Institute will make arbitration business a distinctive business of its own and actively participate in and support arbitration work as always.
At the symposium, participants had discussions and exchanges on the promotion of arbitration system, online arbitration, arbitration confirmation, and improvement of case quality and efficiency, and put forward opinions and suggestions.
Wang Xiaodong, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Binzhou Arbitration Office, stated that the high-quality development of the arbitration industry in Binzhou cannot be achieved without the support of the legal industry. Lawyers have an important influence in choosing arbitration as a dispute resolution method for market entities and have a great advantage in improving the awareness of arbitration society. He hopes to strengthen cooperation and exchange between the two parties through this visit and exchange, and strive to provide more high-quality and efficient arbitration services for commercial entities, Together contribute to the construction of a rule of law based business environment.

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