Guan Yijie, Deputy Director of Chenggong Office and Director of Chenggong Laoshan Office, was invited to provide practical knowledge training for the Property Industry Committee in the field of property management

On October 13, 2023, the Laoshan District Property Management Service Center organized a practical knowledge training for the entire district's property industry committee. Guan Yijie, the managing partner and deputy director of Chenggong Institute, and the director of Chenggong (Laoshan) Institute, was invited as the training speaker. The leaders of the Housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau, property management departments of various street offices, community leaders of each street, and environmental and material committee of Laoshan District participated in the training.
Director Guan Yijie explained the basic legal provisions and operational management process of the homeowners committee from the aspects of its basic concept, self construction, and operational guidance. Director Guan Yijie, based on relevant laws and regulations, thoroughly sorted out the roles that the district property management department, street office, and residents committee should play in the management process of the owners committee, and combined with the "Guidelines for the Management of Bank Settlement Accounts for Shared Funds of Owners in Qingdao City" and the "Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the Leadership of Street Community Party Organizations over the Work of the Owners Committee (Trial)", sorted out the roles of the owners committee and street office The relationship between the residents committee and other departments helped trainees clarify the specific responsibilities of each department. In addition, Director Guan Yijie also gave a focused explanation on frequently occurring issues of concern to property owners such as property service fees, public maintenance funds, and public benefits, as well as key issues that can easily cause conflicts such as the change of the property owners committee and the selection of property companies. After the meeting, the trainees expressed that they had benefited greatly.

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