Director Baoyi of Chenggong Institute was invited to participate in the Youth Lawyer Development Symposium

On October 27th, Haihua Yongtai Qingdao Branch held a symposium on the development of young lawyers to assist in the high-quality development of young lawyers. This symposium invited three "Qingdao Top 10 Young Lawyers", including Senior Partners of Chenggong Institute, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, and Executive Director of Chenggong (Chengyang) Institute, Dai Baoyi, to share their experiences; Xiang Hai, Director and Senior Partner of Shanghai Haihua Yongtai (Jinan) Branch, and Fan Hongbo, Senior Partner and Top Ten Young Lawyers in Jinan, were invited as special guests. Sun Yuanyuan, a young employee of Haihua Qingdao, serves as the host.
Lawyers Zhuang Bin, Dai Baoyi, and Dong Jie are all among the top ten young lawyers in Qingdao in 2022. The three of them shared and exchanged ideas on the basic qualities that excellent lawyers should possess in party building, professionalism, public welfare, and how to improve their personal qualities. They believed that young lawyers should bravely and proactively take on industry responsibilities and social missions in order to achieve rapid growth, devote themselves to researching and cultivating their profession, read, listen, write, speak, and think more, in order to serve clients We also provide high-quality and efficient legal services to society.
Lawyer Zhuang Bin, based on his own experience, has put forward his own understanding and views on the common confusion of professional choices and business revenue generation among young lawyers. He suggests that young lawyers cultivate sedimentation thinking, operational thinking, altruistic thinking, team thinking, differentiated thinking, and extralegal thinking on the path of specialization.
Lawyer Dai Baoyi selflessly shared the concerns of young lawyers about how to improve their professionalism and skills, such as how lawyers should work on more cases, regardless of their size; It is important to adhere to high standards day after day, such as writing work logs, summarizing case studies, summarizing weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual work, and providing writing output; Comprehensively improve office software operation ability, organizational and coordination ability, communication ability, speech and writing ability, etc.
Lawyer Dong Jie introduced his personal growth experience, stating that every important case he completes must produce a paper. Through the writing of the paper, he reviews and reflects, thereby improving his professional depth and case handling ability. We should go out more, communicate with peers, customers, etc., broaden our horizons, and update our concepts. We should take on more industry and social responsibilities to make our lives more meaningful.
Lawyer Xianghai made a final summary, stating that there are many similarities in the sharing of the three top ten young lawyers, which can provide reference and inspiration for the advancement of young lawyers. He wishes young lawyers a longer and farther journey in their professionalization.

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