Finance and taxation

The Chenggong Finance and Taxation Legal Affairs Department was established in 2016. The committee members are lawyers from well-known domestic law schools with rich experience in finance and taxation. There are currently 20 members, of whom nearly half have a graduate degree or above. The majority of the committee members have special qualifications in accounting, taxation, securities, funds, investment, and financial advisors. Since its establishment, the Finance and Tax Legal Affairs Department has participated in dozens of tax planning, held special lectures on finance and tax, and provided tax consulting services, providing professional financial and tax legal services to clients. The Legal Affairs Department strictly guarantees the case handling process and risk control supervision mechanism, and continuously innovates customer service and corporate financial and tax management to ensure that customers can receive comprehensive, high-quality, and efficient financial and tax legal services. It has accumulated a mature lawyer service mechanism for financial and tax services. All the past is a prelude, and all the future is a hope. The Chenggong Finance and Taxation Committee is the escort for enterprises.

The professional legal services provided by Chenggong in the field of finance and taxation include:

Tax consultation

◆ Tax Law Advisor: Provide clients with year-round tax law advisory services

◆ Tax risk prevention and control: Provide legal advice on legality, risk optimization, and risk prevention and control of specialized tax issues entrusted by clients

Tax Planning

Specialized project tax planning

◆ Adjusting business structure or optimizing equity structure to optimize tax burden

Tax Agency

◆ Communicate and negotiate with tax departments on behalf of clients

◆ Acting for administrative reconsideration, administrative litigation, and criminal litigation

classic case

◆ The agency principal X Industrial Corporation and Guolong Tengfei Company have a dispute over a payment of over 35 million yuan. The dispute has been analyzed from multiple perspectives such as entity, procedure, and finance, and a detailed negotiation plan has been developed to facilitate a settlement between the two parties.

◆ The agency principal, Hisense Real Estate Co., Ltd., and Longkou X Power Company, have been involved in a dispute over project payments. The key sticking point has been the long-standing tax issues, ultimately avoiding losses of over 10 million yuan.

Provide full legal services for the transfer of equity of Qingdao Public Housing Construction Investment Co., Ltd. to the Qingdao Metro Group project. The work team provides systematic services such as answering inquiries, planning due diligence plans, organizing due diligence, and issuing due diligence reports to efficiently and ahead of schedule complete the entrusted requirements in just one month.

The compulsory liquidation case of Qingdao X Trading Co., Ltd. was designated by the Qingdao Intermediate People's Court as the liquidation manager to undertake the compulsory liquidation case of Qingdao X Trading Co., Ltd., forming a seven person work team to prepare, take over, announce, and conduct property investigations in accordance with legal procedures, and ultimately came to a successful conclusion.

Transportation Group Company plans to enter X city for real estate development and accepts the commission to conduct due diligence work on Jiutai Real Estate Company. Through the due diligence report, it reflects potential major issues of the project to the client. Ultimately, the client adopts this opinion and abandons this acquisition.

◆ Represented X Insurance's equity transfer case and negotiated with national companies such as 360 Financial Group, Hangzhou Weiyi Technology, and Shenzhen Chuangbisheng Company. After a year and a half, we successfully assisted the principal in fully transferring their equity.

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