Administrative and Government Advisor

The Administrative and Government Advisory Legal Affairs Department of Shandong Chenggong Law Firm was established in March 2007. Lawyers from the Affairs Department have been serving as legal advisors to the Qingdao Municipal, District Government, and relevant departments for many years. They have accumulated rich practical experience in administrative litigation and non litigation fields within the jurisdiction of Qingdao, providing clients with three-dimensional and comprehensive legal services. The team has handled over 200 administrative litigation cases since its establishment, and has completed operational guidelines and reference books such as the "Guidelines for the Work of Government Legal Advisers", the "Practical Manual for Housing Acquisition and Compensation in Shinan", the "Guidelines for the Renovation of Shantytowns in Shinan District", the "100 Questions and Answers to Property Management in Shinan District", and the "Property Management Manual in Shinan District". At the same time, the team has compiled the "Yearbook of the Administrative Committee" for 8 consecutive years, Organize and compile a book of work and industry trends for a year, and distribute it to consulting units for free. All team members have a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Law, strong theoretical foundation, rich litigation business experience, and proficient agency skills; Some members have worked in government agencies for many years and are well versed in the operational mode of administrative agencies. The team starts with strengthening theoretical literacy training, comprehensively sorting out successful administrative litigation cases handled in recent years, and keeping up with the forefront of administrative litigation business.

Chenggong provides professional legal services in the field of administrative and government consulting, including:

Comprehensive agency

◆ Acting for administrative investigation and participating in project argumentation

◆ Acting administrative hearings

◆ Agency negotiation of administrative disputes

◆ Administrative legal counsel and providing administrative legal advice to government or non-governmental departments

◆ Acting for administrative reconsideration and litigation

◆ Acting as an agent to apply for national compensation

Serve as legal advisor to administrative agencies

Answer various administrative legal inquiries such as administrative licensing, administrative law enforcement, and administrative penalties;

Assist consulting units in drafting, revising, reviewing and formulating normative documents, including administrative license establishment and implementation documents, various administrative behavior work rules, administrative behavior work guidelines, administrative law enforcement procedures and operational guidelines, etc;

Provide legal opinions on the legality of specific administrative actions;

Assist in solving some difficult legal issues in the process of administrative law enforcement and administrative penalties, such as determining the subject of punishment, the amount of punishment, the nature of punishment, etc;

Provide professional training on administrative law enforcement, administrative penalties, administrative litigation and other administrative legal knowledge to consulting units;

Participate in administrative hearings hosted by consulting units and provide legal opinions;

◆ Acting as a consultant for administrative reconsideration and litigation cases.

Provide advisory opinions on legislation for relevant government departments

Provide administrative legal services to administrative counterparts or stakeholders

Answer administrative legal consultation

Acting as an administrative counterpart or interested party to submit applications, objections, and apply for administrative hearings;

Acting as an administrative counterpart or interested party to file various administrative dispute cases such as administrative reconsideration, administrative litigation, and national compensation.

classic case

◇ Government Legal Advisor

Served as a perennial legal representative for the Qingdao Municipal Government, Shinan District, Shibei District, Laoshan District, Chengyang District, Huangdao District, Jimo District, Jiaozhou Municipal Government, relevant government departments, and state-owned enterprises

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