Military Related Special Committee

In order to strengthen the integration of military and civilian work, safeguard national defense interests and the legitimate rights and interests of military personnel, fulfill the political responsibilities of legal service workers, and cooperate with the military to do a good job of "stabilizing military morale and strengthening the Great Wall". Shandong Law Firm focuses on national defense and the relationship between officers and soldiers, optimizes and integrates internal human resources, and has established the first military related legal affairs department specifically serving the military in the island city. Since its establishment, the team has formed partnerships with the 71131 and 71146 units of the People's Liberation Army, with the goal of safeguarding national defense interests and the legitimate rights and interests of military personnel, gathering legal service resources, and expanding the scope of military support work, In legal services, we provide "three advantages" services for military personnel and their families, namely providing preferential, priority, and high-quality services for military related cases and disputes, providing free assistance to military personnel and their families in need, and promptly and properly handling legal issues encountered by military personnel and their relatives within the jurisdiction.

The Military Legal Affairs Department of Shandong Chenggong Law Firm is headed by Guo Bin, the founding partner and director. The members include Niu Changzhou, Wang Bin, Deng Guihua, Ma Shilai, Lin Honggang, and others. All members have served in the military for many years and have rich experience in resolving military related cases. Among them, Lawyer Niu Changzhou participated in the summary of "Tangyin Experience" and "Qingdao Experience" related to military rights protection promoted by the National Double Support Office. In 2006, he was jointly commended by Shandong Higher People's Court, Henan Higher People's Court and Jinan Military Region as "an advanced individual in legal service" to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of military families.

The professional legal services provided by Chenggong in the military related field include:

◆ Representing various civil litigation cases involving national defense interests, military interests, and the legitimate rights and interests of military personnel;

Participate in the mediation work of various civil lawsuits involving national defense interests, military interests, and the legitimate rights and interests of military personnel and their families;

Serve as a perennial legal advisor and specialized legal advisor for the military, serving as a good staff officer for the management and education decision-making of the military;

Assist the political organs of the military in producing specialized courseware on legal education for officers and soldiers according to the needs of the military management education situation;

Assist civil affairs agencies, military agencies, and military personnel in searching and searching for applicable laws and regulations related to military cases, and provide legal advice for officers and soldiers.

◆ The preferential treatment work for retired soldiers focuses on safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of military personnel, highlighting the two key points of serving the overall situation and maintaining stability, and promoting legal services for the "three major constructions" of work systems, information platforms, and policies and regulations. Provide good legal services for retired soldiers to receive resettlement, pending pension, employment support, assistance in difficulties, rights protection, support for the military and family, and commemoration and praise.

Classic case

The family members of the People's Liberation Army stationed in Qingdao X Department and Qingdao X Real Estate Co., Ltd. had a meal rental dispute. The military team, based on the principle of "priority in case filing, trial, execution, and assistance" for military rights protection, coordinated and ultimately resolved the case in court, and the other party withdrew and closed the case.

The dispute over the infringement of historical relics outside the military management zone of the X Border Defense Force has been resolved in a timely manner by the military team, reasonable and legal mediation, timely resolution of military civilian conflicts, and maintenance of military civilian security and stability.

The military team participated in the cleaning of historical land left behind by the X department stationed in Qingdao, and timely completed the tasks of clearance and handover.

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