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The Environmental and Resource Legal Affairs Department is one of the core business teams of Shandong Chenggong Law Firm. Their team of lawyers all graduated from first-class law schools in China, with a strong foundation in environmental law and rich practical experience, including one doctoral and one master's degree in environmental law. The business scope mainly includes year-round legal advisors for environmental protection enterprises, special legal advisors for environmental resource projects, contract energy management, corporate environmental compliance, environmental infringement litigation, environmental administrative reconsideration and litigation, environmental resource criminal defense, etc. The Environmental and Resource Legal Affairs Department adheres to the concept of professionalism, focus, cooperation, and win-win situation, relying on its own and the business advantages of the entire institution to provide customers with professional and standardized precise legal services.

The professional legal services provided by Chenggong in the field of environment and resources include:

◆ Corporate Environmental Protection Legal Advisor

◆ Special Legal Advisor for Environmental Protection Projects

Environmental compliance review

Contract energy management project

Environmental infringement investigation and litigation rights protection

Environmental public interest litigation

◆ Environmental administrative reconsideration

Environmental administrative litigation

◆ Criminal defense of environmental crimes

classic case

The representative villager Sun X has won the lawsuit against X highway noise pollution liability, which is the first noise pollution infringement case in the island city.

Successfully obtained the enterprise pollution discharge license through administrative litigation on behalf of Enterprise X.

To provide defense for Shang X's suspected environmental pollution crime case, and ultimately the public security organs decided not to file the case.

To provide defense for xx's suspected environmental pollution crime, which is a typical case of dumping hazardous waste in Qingdao.

Providing environmental legal advisory services to Qingdao X Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd. and receiving high praise from the group company.

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