Construction engineering

The Construction Engineering Legal Affairs Department of Shandong Chenggong Law Firm is composed of senior construction engineering practitioners and lawyers who have been deeply involved in legal prevention in the field of construction engineering for many years. For many years, it has continuously served China Construction Eighth Bureau Group Co., Ltd., Zhongqi Jiaojian, Laigang Construction Corporation, Bohai Construction, and as a full-time legal service team for the construction party Qingdao Metro. The Legal Affairs Department of Construction Projects has extended the prevention and control of legal risks in construction projects to the internal control of enterprises, taking into account the work experience in construction projects and bidding procurement. By building core functional modules of the company, streamlining the company's bidding and tendering management system and management process, engineering visa management system and management process, engineering price limit management, contract management system and management process, emergency project management, etc., the extension of lawyer business to enterprise management consulting field is achieved. Specifically, in bidding management, the initial cost of the project is determined through a list of quotations and adjustments to the actual engineering quantity, and dynamically controlled during the process; By setting up a relatively strong standardized contract to intensively manage the specific matters of project operation, and implementing the workflow through written contracts, combined with practical experience to avoid corresponding risks; Establish a rigorous visa management system to clarify visa procedures; By designing a scientifically rigorous organizational structure, the organic combination of power allocation and power constraints can be achieved; Establish an audit mechanism where internal audit and external audit are mutually exclusive to achieve comprehensive supervision and restraint.

The professional legal services available include but are not limited to:

◇ Provide legal services for the entire process of engineering management and project control for the construction party

◇ Provide internal control management consulting services for construction engineering enterprises

◇ Provide legal services throughout the entire process of engineering management for construction projects

◇ Legal services for construction project bidding

◇ Legal management of construction site visa

◇ Litigation and agency related to construction contract disputes

◇ Legal services for engineering quality issues and duration claims

◇ Labor contract dispute services for migrant workers

◇ Legal services related to state-owned land acquisition and PPP

classic case

Successfully represented X Coastal Defense Bureau and Guangdong Hongda X Co., Ltd. in a construction contract dispute and filed a counterclaim, with the subject matter of approximately 14 million yuan. Through acting as the principal, the loss was reduced by approximately 7 million yuan, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the principal.

Successfully represented the X Engineering Headquarters of the North Sea Fleet Coastal Defense Engineering Brigade of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Northern Theater Command Navy in the construction contract dispute case with Weihai X Construction Labor Co., Ltd., which enabled the client's request to be supported in the trial of the Jinan Military Court of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, avoiding further expansion of the influence of the military case.

◇ Successfully represented Qingdao X He Co., Ltd. and Qingdao X Te Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. in the construction project contract dispute case. After the client lost three trials, we entrusted our firm to help them reorganize the case, summarize the focus of the dispute, fully explain the agency opinion, and finally, after four trials, it was accepted by the court, ordering X Te Company to pay the client's land payment, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the client, Avoid affecting the evaluation of the investment environment and investment results of foreign-funded enterprises in Qingdao due to the fact that the client is a key unit in the early stage of investment attraction in Qingdao.

◇ Successfully represented Qingdao X Facilities Co., Ltd

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