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Foreign Affairs or Foreign Nationals

Foreign Affairs or Foreign Nationals

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The professional legal services available include, but are not limited to:
Legal consultation on foreign business (Chinese/English), including consultation business of foreign companies on domestic laws and regulations and consultation business of domestic companies on foreign laws and regulations.
Due diligence of investment projects.
Provide legal review opinions on X foreign-related businesses, contracts, tenders, etc.
Arbitration and litigation business of companies and individuals with jurisdiction in China. Such as divorce, inheritance, contract, company disputes, etc.
International business negotiation business.
Establish companies in China and establish the company system on behalf of the client.
Legal advisory business of foreign-related enterprises.
Typical Cases
On behalf of the foreign shareholders of QINGDAO D INDUSTRY CO.,LTD, it has conducted business negotiations with the company on equity and debt, carried out asset preservation and provided legal opinions, and facilitated the successful settlement of disputes.
It has acted for Qingdao XX Food Co., Ltd., a joint venture, in the case of the guarantee liability dispute of and exempted the enterprise from the guarantee liability of about 16 million yuan.
It has acted for Qingdao XX Food Co., Ltd., a joint venture, and its shareholders in the case of liability disputes for shareholders' damage to the interests of creditors of the company, and exempted shareholders from liability for debts amounting to more than 3 million yuan.
It has been entrusted by Qingdao subsidiary of X overseas listed company to deal with the strikes and labor arbitration issues of the company. Finally, all 65 employees involved in the strikes reached mediation with the company.
It has participated in the mediation of strikes by X large Korean enterprise in the Development Zone, resulting in the signing of agreements by more than 200 young professionals and technicians.
On behalf of Century G, it has participated in the negotiation of contract disputes with Russian customers and provided legal advice. It has served the company for four years as a legal advisor.
It has done due diligence for X, a German company, and participated in handling economic disputes with its Chinese partners.
It has provided foreign-related guarantee review services for China's XX Bank and XX Bank Co., Ltd. with highly efficient and professional work results, and won high praise.