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Foreign legal affairs have been a key and rapidly developing business area of Chenggong Institute in recent years. The members of the Chenggong Foreign Legal Affairs Department are composed of outstanding lawyers who master English, Russian, and Japanese, including one Doctor of Laws, three Master of Laws, and several Bachelor of Laws.

The Chenggong Foreign Business Committee currently cooperates with the Qingdao Chamber of Commerce of the China International Chamber of Commerce and the Qingdao Association of Foreign Investment Enterprises, and has established the Qingdao Chamber of Commerce Foreign Business Legal Service Center of the China International Chamber of Commerce. It provides legal services for foreign investment enterprises and foreign trade enterprises, as well as comprehensive legal services for foreign investment enterprises and foreign personnel working in China.

At present, the Foreign Affairs Professional Committee has established cooperative relationships with law firms in the United States, Russia, and other countries, as well as strategic mutual assistance relationships with multiple domestic intermediary agencies, making it more convenient for customers to control risks and solve difficult problems.

The practice philosophy of the Foreign Legal Affairs Department is to have a solid theoretical foundation, exquisite case handling skills, a diligent and responsible attitude towards handling cases, and high-quality and efficient case handling quality. We sincerely look forward to the support and trust of more customers.

The professional legal services provided by Chenggong in the field of foreign affairs include:

◆ Legal consultation for foreign-related business (in Chinese/English). Including consulting services for domestic laws and regulations by foreign companies and consulting services for foreign laws and regulations by domestic companies

Due diligence on investment projects

Provide legal review opinions on a certain foreign-related business, contract, bidding documents, etc

◆ Arbitration and litigation business of companies and individuals with jurisdiction in China. Such as divorce, inheritance, contracts, company disputes, etc

International business negotiation business

◆ Establishing a company and establishing a company system in China on behalf of others

◆ Legal advisory services for foreign-related enterprises

classic case

◆ Representing foreign shareholders of QinGDAO D Industrial Co., Ltd. in equity and debt business negotiations, asset preservation, and providing legal opinions with the company, facilitating the successful resolution of disputes

◆ Represented the joint venture Qingdao xx Food Co., Ltd. in a dispute over guarantee liability, exempting the company from approximately 16 million yuan of guarantee liability.

Acting as an agent for the joint venture Qingdao xx Food Co., Ltd. and its shareholders to participate in a dispute over shareholder liability for damaging the interests of the company's creditors, the company exempted shareholders from debt liability amounting to over 3 million RMB.

◆ Accepted the commission of the Qingdao subsidiary of X overseas listed company to handle the company's strike and labor arbitration issues, ultimately resulting in all 65 employees participating in the strike reaching a mediation agreement with the company.

Participated in mediating the strike of large Korean funded enterprises in the development zone, ultimately resulting in more than 200 young professional and technical personnel signing agreements.

Representing Century G Company, participating in negotiations on sales contract disputes with Russian clients and providing legal advice. I have been providing year-round legal advisory services to the company for four years.

Conduct due diligence for German company X and participate in resolving economic disputes with Chinese partners.

◆ Provide foreign-related letter of guarantee review services for xx Bank of China and xx Bank Co., Ltd. to efficiently and professionally

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