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Most of the backbone members of the real estate legal affairs department of Shandong Chenggong Law Firm have experience in the real estate industry such as real estate companies, construction companies, and construction administrative departments. They have rich experience in the real estate industry and legal practice, with a reasonable professional structure and rich practical experience. At present, we can provide comprehensive legal services covering land acquisition, land primary market development, project development and construction, project commercial operation, property management, etc., including but not limited to: legal services for old village renovation and property acquisition on state-owned and collective land, full legal services for real estate project construction and development, real estate finance legal services, real estate project mergers and acquisitions legal services, legal services for house buying and selling, PPP project legal services, Legal services for construction projects, regular legal advisory services for real estate companies and construction companies, and agency for construction projects and real estate related arbitration and litigation.

Chenggong Institute has successively established legal service strategic cooperation relationships with Haier Real Estate, Xincheng Holdings Group, Qingdao High tech Zone Investment Group, Qingdao Metro Group, Qingdao EMU Town, Shinan District Urban Construction Bureau, Longhu Real Estate, etc. It has completed special legal services for the overall transfer of prime area projects in Huangdao District, Qingdao, as well as comprehensive legal services for the protection of rights and interests in the development of X two real estate projects X cooperative development and construction funds have taken effect in multiple typical cases of non litigation and litigation, such as civil mediation and retrial, with good handling results and receiving praise from the client!

The professional legal services provided by Chenggong in the real estate field include:

Legal services for the entire process of primary and secondary real estate development, including:

Real estate project due diligence and legal risk assessment

◆ Formulating the legal structure for real estate project investment, participating in relevant negotiations, drafting and revising relevant documents

◆ Full legal services for the establishment of real estate development entities

Review of project financing plans, review and modification of relevant legal documents

Provide legal advice on the delivery process of real estate projects

◆ Non litigation legal services such as project transfer and mergers and acquisitions

Legal services for real estate sales

Disputes over commercial housing sales contracts and related non litigation services

◆ Disputes over second-hand housing sales contracts and related legal services

Legal services related to house gifts and inheritance

Legal services related to housing in marriage

Legal services for housing leasing

Legal services for construction projects

Property legal services

◆ Establishment of Owners' Committee and Legal Services for Property Management

◆ Legal services for commercial real estate management

Legal services related to state-owned land acquisition and PPP

Typical Cases

Qingdao X Group Company sued China X Workers' Sanatorium and Shandong Provincial Federation of Trade Unions for a dispute over the joint construction contract. The agency lasted for 7 years, and after the first instance, execution, termination of execution, another case by the Provincial High Court, and the final ruling of the Supreme People's Court, the other party's lawsuit was rejected. This saved the client nearly 3 billion yuan in economic losses, and the acting lawyer was awarded the title of "Outstanding Lawyer for Safeguarding Workers' Rights and Interests in Shandong Province", And awarded the "Shandong Province Prosperity and Prosperity Labor Medal".

Special legal services for the overall transfer of the Huangdao District Golden Lot Project in Qingdao

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