Insurance Legal Affairs Department

Shandong Chenggong Law Firm is one of the earliest law firms to provide insurance legal services. The Insurance Legal Affairs Department currently has more than ten lawyers, all of whom have solid theoretical and practical abilities. They have undertaken and participated in a series of major insurance projects and cases involving well-known domestic insurance groups and companies such as China Life Property Insurance Co., Ltd., People's Property Insurance Co., Ltd. of China, Ping An Property Insurance Co., Ltd., China Dadi Property Insurance Co., Ltd., and China Road Property Insurance Co., Ltd, Accumulated rich, practical and effective experience in legal compliance and risk management services for insurance companies.

The Insurance Legal Affairs Department is managed according to the highest standards, providing customers with the most professional legal services as the foundation, with high collaboration as the basic practice requirement, and adhering to the concept of "link, concentric, composite, and win-win", which has been highly praised by customers.

The professional legal services available include but are not limited to:

◇ Legal compliance services: Internal risk prevention and control compliance services for insurance companies, compliance audits of insurance products and contracts, and compliance audits of insurance company related systems.

◇ Litigation, arbitration, third-party mediation services: agency for insurance contract disputes, insurance claims and recovery cases, motor vehicle traffic liability accident disputes, litigation and arbitration for insurance contract disputes.

◇ Insurance risk management services: professional risk assessment of insurance subject matter before underwriting, assessment and handling of surrender legal risks, and legal opinions on refusal of claims cases.

classic case

Successfully represented Qiao XX in the case of X Primary School and X Property Insurance Company in Jimo District, and successfully exempted X Property Insurance Company from insurance liability.

Successfully represented Li XX in a dispute over motor vehicle traffic accident liability against Qingdao XX Transportation Company and XX Property Insurance Company. Without direct evidence to prove that the driver was taking controlled psychotropic drugs, the insurance company's commercial insurance refusal was achieved by obtaining evidence from medical institutions.

Successfully represented Jiang XX in a dispute over liability for multiple motor vehicle traffic accidents against Qingdao XX Transportation Company, XX Property Insurance Company, and XX Manufacturing Company. On the premise that the insured vehicle drivers of XX Property Insurance Company bear the main responsibility, the court ruled that multiple vehicles bear equal liability through analysis of accident risks.

Successfully provided specialized legal services for the liability insurance business of XX Property Insurance Company, effectively preventing and controlling risks while improving efficiency, greatly promoting the development of the insurance company's specialized business.

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