The Civil Legal Affairs Department is the traditional advantageous business department of Shandong Chenggong Law Firm. Over the years, we have conducted in-depth cooperation with programs such as Truth Mediation, New Stories, and Life Online on Qingdao TV, establishing a good reputation among the people and creating a celebrity lawyer, including Director Kong Jiao. Most team lawyers have over ten years of professional experience, handling hundreds or even thousands of cases per person. They not only have rich professional experience, but are also known for their rigorous and responsible handling of cases. The business scope not only includes traditional marriage and family, personal injury, medical treatment, traffic accidents and other business types, but also leverages the mediation advantages of Chenggong Lawyers, focusing on building Chenggong Mediation Centers, providing mediation legal services, and providing personal legal advisory services. Tailored legal service plans are tailored to individual situations to help individuals prevent and avoid legal risks. The Civil Affairs Professional Committee has been conducting in-depth research on refined legal services for many years, with a development direction of standardization, specialization, socialization, and specialization. It is determined to provide customers with high-quality, comprehensive, and professional one-stop legal services. After years of unremitting efforts, the Chenggong Civil Legal Affairs Department has become a golden signboard of the island city, receiving high praise from customers and establishing good integrity and reputation among the people. The Chenggong Civil Legal Affairs Department will continue to adhere to the Chenggong concept of "sincerity, persistence, innovation, and dedication", and continue to provide higher quality and efficient legal services to the people.

The professional legal services provided by Chenggong in the civil field include:

marriage and family

◆ Divorce disputes, inheritance disputes, and family wealth inheritance litigation

Compensation for personal injury

◆ Personal injury caused by consumption, student injury, construction injury, and animal injury

Medical disputes

◆ Medical accident disputes, medical product disputes, and liability disputes for infringement of patients' informed consent rights

traffic accident

Compensation for property damage

◆ Disputes over house leakage, fire accidents, and liability for damage to objects

Purchase and sale of houses

◆ Real estate information inquiry

Review, conclusion, and performance of housing sales contracts

◆ Disputes over commercial housing reservation contracts

◆ Disputes over pre-sale contracts for commercial housing

◆ Disputes over commercial housing sales contracts

◆ Disputes over rural housing sales contracts

◆ Disputes over housing decoration construction contracts

Drafting contracts, reviewing contracts, and fulfilling and implementing contracts

classic case

◇ Malicious transfer of property to a third party and judgment of ownership by the female party

Acting as Yan xx, the court sued a third party, Qiu xx, requesting judgment that her husband Zhang x contribute to Qiu xx's purchase of a villa located in Chengyang District and return some of the maliciously transferred funds to Yan xx. In the end, the court supported Yan xx's full claim.

◇ Revocation of guardianship case

Acting as an agent in the custody dispute case of Qingdao Children's Welfare Institute revoking Jin xx and Cheng xx, which has received court support, has become the first case in Qingdao to revoke the legal guardianship qualification, and has guiding significance for the handling of such guardianship qualification cases in the future.

◇ Property ownership confirmation case lasting for 9 years

From 2000 to 2009, acting as Li xxsan

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