The Legal Affairs Department of Chenggong Office has gathered a group of professional senior lawyers in corporate law, with multiple lawyers holding master's degrees. Most of them have work experience in large state-owned enterprises, and have in-depth research and rich practical experience in corporate law. Member lawyers have successfully provided comprehensive legal services related to company mergers and acquisitions, investment, mergers and acquisitions, equity transfer, capital increase and share expansion, contract review, labor, etc. to clients of state-owned and private enterprises multiple times. They have a large number of successful cases and rich experience in assisting companies in establishing rules and regulations, contract management, legal risk avoidance, and other fields. In addition, the company's legal affairs department focuses on providing professional legal services such as legal risk prevention and control, contract review, labor dispute resolution, and debt clearance for various enterprises and institutions.

The members of the Affairs Department always adhere to the practice philosophy of "being entrusted by others and loyal to others" and "being professional, standardized, diligent, and dedicated", with the aim of making every effort to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the client in accordance with the law, with the work goal of satisfying the client, and providing high-quality and efficient legal services to the parties with profound theoretical knowledge, in order to maximize the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of the parties involved.

The professional legal services provided by Chenggong in the company field include:

consulting service

Provide legal consultation on production, operation, and management related to the enterprise, and provide lawyer consultation opinions and proposals;

Review Services

Review and modify the company's articles of association, shareholder agreements, cooperation agreements, labor contracts, transaction contracts, and other contracts and agreement related legal documents;

Internal control services

Assist in establishing internal management systems, including legal document filing systems, contract management systems, etc;

Case Services

◆ Acting for litigation, arbitration, labor arbitration, administrative reconsideration, hearing activities, etc;

Special legal services

Provide legal argumentation, due diligence, negotiation, document drafting, delivery and transfer services for major projects of enterprises (such as investment, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, listing, bond issuance, etc.);

Design Services

Provide legal support for internal organizational structure adjustment, equity adjustment (including equity incentives), and process sorting of enterprises;

Clearing services

Provide bankruptcy liquidation and compulsory liquidation services for enterprises to self liquidate or as designated by the court.

classic case

◆ The agency principal X Industrial Corporation and Guolong Tengfei Company have a dispute over a payment of over 35 million yuan. The dispute has been analyzed from multiple perspectives such as entity, procedure, and finance, and a detailed negotiation plan has been developed to facilitate a settlement between the two parties.

◆ The agency principal, Hisense Real Estate Co., Ltd., and Longkou X Power Company, have been involved in a dispute over project payments. The key sticking point has been the long-standing tax issues, ultimately avoiding losses of over 10 million yuan.

Provide full legal services for the transfer of equity of Qingdao Public Housing Construction Investment Co., Ltd. to the Qingdao Metro Group project. The work team provides systematic services such as answering inquiries, planning due diligence plans, organizing due diligence, and issuing due diligence reports to efficiently and ahead of schedule complete the entrusted requirements in just one month.

◆ Qingdao X Trading Co., Ltd. Compulsory liquidation case, appointed by Qingdao Intermediate People's Court

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