Corporate Legal Advisor

The Enterprise Legal Advisor Legal Affairs Department of Shandong Chenggong Law Firm was established in November 2021. The committee lawyer has been serving as a legal advisor for financial institutions, state-owned enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises, private enterprises, and other enterprises for many years. He has accumulated rich practical experience in the field of corporate legal advisors and provides customers with one-stop and comprehensive legal services. Members of the Affairs Department have published a book titled 'Practical Operations of Enterprise Legal Advisers', served as deputy editor in chief and author to participate in the writing of two books published by the Qingdao Lawyers Association, namely' Legal Advisers' and 'Legal Advisers' Articles of Association'. They have also compiled operational guidelines such as' Operational Guidelines for Enterprise Legal Advisers', 'Practical Legal Handbook for Enterprise Human Resources', and' Handbook for Enterprise Intellectual Property Risk Management ', We have formulated the "Quality Standards for Enterprise Legal Advisor Services" and the "Work Process for Enterprise Legal Advisor", forming a systematic, professional, and efficient service model that can provide legal services such as human resources, contracts, rules and regulations, corporate governance, equity structure, equity incentives, intellectual property rights, bond issuance, project negotiation, and due diligence for enterprises.

The professional legal services provided by Chenggong in the field of corporate legal advisors include:

Annual Legal Advisor for Enterprises

Legal consulting services: Oral or written answers to legal questions raised by enterprises related to their operation and management.

◆ Legal document services: To meet the basic legal needs of enterprises, draft, review, and modify commonly used contracts, agreements, company articles of association, declarations, claims and claims letters, letters of intent, power of attorney, memorandums, minutes, and lawyer's letters.

Legal training services: Provide legal training services to enterprise employees in the form of legal lectures, case studies, etc. according to the specific requirements of the enterprise or in combination with the business characteristics of the enterprise.

Legal Advisor for Enterprise Special Affairs

◆ Major business activities such as restructuring, asset restructuring, merger, acquisition, liquidation, issuance of stocks or bonds, or sale, purchase of important assets, or external investment, drafting or reviewing major contracts, assisting in the formulation of various rules and regulations, providing comprehensive legal advisory services, including participating in feasibility studies, formulating plans, participating in negotiations, providing legal advice, and issuing legal opinions, Review or prepare various legal documents, etc.

◆ Agency for corporate litigation/arbitration cases

Participate in various litigation, arbitration, administrative reconsideration, hearings, as well as non litigation negotiations, mediation, and execution of settlements.

classic case

◆ Perennial legal advisor

Served as the perennial legal adviser of Postal Savings Bank, Qingdao Metro Group, Qingdao Chengyang the Pearl River Village Bank, Sunshine Chengyang Holding Group and hundreds of foreign-funded enterprises and private enterprises, participated in a large number of contract review, equity incentive, legal training, corporate governance and other matters, and acted as the agent for more than 10000 litigation and arbitration cases.

◆ Special Legal Advisor

We have provided specialized legal services for various types of enterprises, including bond issuance, corporate mergers and acquisitions, targeted issuance, equity incentives, and equity structures. We have handled hundreds of special businesses with a target value of over ten billion yuan.

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