Technology and Intellectual Property

The Intellectual Property Legal Affairs Department of Shandong Chenggong Law Firm was established in January 2009. The members include one Doctor of Laws, six Master of Laws, and several Bachelor of Laws, with rich experience in handling cases in the field of intellectual property. At present, one lawyer has been selected by the All China Intellectual Property Professional Committee, two lawyers have been selected by the Shandong Provincial Intellectual Property Professional Committee, and three lawyers have been selected by the Qingdao Municipal Intellectual Property Committee. Two lawyers were selected as high-end legal service teams for international trade frictions in Shandong Province, and three lawyers were appointed as part-time lecturers in intellectual property agency practice by the Law School of Qingdao University of Science and Technology. Eight lawyers have national patent agent qualifications and also serve in the patent agency of Chenggong Institute. In addition, Chenggong Institute has also opened an electronic channel for trademark application, providing customers with convenient and fast legal services for trademark application. The intellectual property business of Chenggong Institute includes multiple business areas such as intellectual property rights confirmation, rights protection, enterprise intellectual property risk management, intellectual property financing, domestic trademark and patent agency application business, as well as European and American trademark and patent agency application business. Several intellectual property cases represented by Chenggong Lawyer have been rated as classic intellectual property cases in China, the province, and Qingdao.

The professional legal services provided by Chenggong in the field of technology and intellectual property include:

patent litigation

Patent infringement disputes; Patent ownership disputes; Disputes over invalidation declaration; Patent administrative litigation; Patent rejection and reexamination; Patent infringement analysis, issuance of patent legal opinion (lawyer's letter); Other disputes.

trademark action

Trademark infringement disputes; Trademark ownership disputes; Trademark administrative litigation; Trademark rejection review; Analysis of trademark infringement, issuance of trademark legal opinion (lawyer's letter); Other disputes.

Copyright litigation

Copyright infringement disputes; Copyright ownership disputes; Copyright invalidation application; Other disputes.

Unfair Competition, Monopoly, and Trade Secret Litigation

Unfair competition disputes; Monopoly disputes; Trade secret infringement disputes; Disputes over the ownership of trade secrets; Other disputes

Patent application agency

Patent application agency (including foreign countries); Patent literature retrieval, patent intelligence monitoring, and translation of patent technical documents; Patent novelty search and confirmation search; Change and restoration of rights in the description project; Patent (application) rights and implementation licensing affairs; Requesting a copy of the patent registration book, issuing a copy of the certificate, and other related matters; Utilize a comprehensive computer management system to provide agency services such as paying patent annual fees on behalf of others and reminding patent payment deadlines; Provide professional training for technical and management personnel of enterprises and research institutions; Accept employment and appoint patent agents to serve as patent advisors for enterprises, institutions, or individuals.

Trademark registration agent

Trademark consultation and trademark retrieval; Domestic trademark registration application and international trademark registration application; Matters related to the renewal, transfer, license filing, and modification of registered trademarks; Trademark opposition application and defense, trademark review application and defense; Application for revocation of trademark non use for three consecutive years and defense; Trademark invalidation application.

Copyright registration agent

Copyright registration agency and computer software copyright registration agency; Copyright protection strategy

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