The Corporate Restructuring and Bankruptcy Legal Affairs Department of Shandong Chenggong Law Firm is headed by Zhang Liang, the director of Chenggong (Dezhou), and focuses on corporate bankruptcy, liquidation, and restructuring as its core business. It brings together multiple practicing lawyers with rich experience, solid expertise, and excellent business skills in areas such as restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy liquidation, deadlock resolution and handling, and commercial litigation. They possess expertise in enterprise management, law, securities, economics, accounting, and financial management Professional knowledge in evaluation and other aspects, enabling members to collaborate and cooperate with each other in their work. The Bankruptcy and Restructuring Legal Affairs Department, with solid theoretical foundation, excellent talent reserves, rich practical experience, and high-quality platform resources, provides customers with high value-added services in business fields such as bankruptcy planning, pre restructuring, managers, and non-performing asset disposal, and always maintains a leading position in the industry.

The professional legal services provided by Chenggong in the field of corporate bankruptcy and restructuring include:

◆ Serve as a manager

Accept the appointment of the people's court to serve as the administrator or member of the liquidation team for bankruptcy liquidation, reorganization, and settlement cases, and under the guidance and supervision of the people's court, fulfill the responsibilities of the administrator in accordance with the law and actively.

◆ Pre reforming

Before the formal commencement of bankruptcy reorganization proceedings, identify the value and possibility of reorganization, design a pre reorganization plan based on professional analysis of the debtor's enterprise, shareholders, creditors, and potential investors, guide negotiations, and connect the proceedings.

Debt restructuring, disposal of non-performing assets, and investment mergers and acquisitions

Accepting the commission of various entities mentioned above, providing legal services such as out of program debt restructuring, disposal of non-performing assets, and investment mergers and acquisitions.

Bankruptcy planning (serving as debtor advisor)

According to the client's request, provide bankruptcy planning services, including but not limited to: providing consulting services on the legal risks that the actual controller or shareholder of the bankrupt enterprise may face; Provide consulting services on the preservation of core assets of enterprises; Analysis of the value of enterprise restructuring and design of restructuring plans; Provide consulting services on the selection of bankruptcy proceedings and file bankruptcy applications with the court on behalf of the company based on the company's asset and liability situation and the client's needs.

Serve as an investor advisor

Accepting the commission of investors to provide legal support for their participation in bankruptcy proceedings, including but not limited to: conducting comprehensive due diligence on the debtor's enterprise; Analyze the restructuring value and feasibility of the debtor; Provide professional analysis of the draft reorganization plan prepared by the administrator or debtor; Investment model selection and transaction architecture design; Communicate and negotiate with debtors, creditors, and managers.

◆ Serve as a creditor advisor

Accepting the commission of creditors, providing legal support for creditors to participate in bankruptcy proceedings, including but not limited to: assisting in debt declaration, providing a package of services such as objection, negotiation, and debt confirmation litigation for debt review results, attending creditor meetings and exercising voting rights, providing professional advice on voting matters such as restructuring plan drafts, calculating repayment rates, and handling plans, Consultation on diversified ways to achieve creditor's rights outside of bankruptcy proceedings.

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