Securities and Capital

The Securities and Capital Market Legal Affairs Department of Chenggong Institute has gathered a group of experienced professional lawyers to provide clients with legal services such as domestic and foreign stock issuance and refinancing, listing and fixed increase on the New Third Board, listing on the Fourth Board, bond issuance, corporate mergers and acquisitions and asset restructuring, private fund investment, and corporate governance. The Securities and Capital Market Professional Committee plays an important role in guiding the development of securities and capital market business, quality control, risk control, and other aspects by implementing mechanisms such as closure review, professional support, and core management.

The professional legal services provided by Chenggong in the field of securities and capital markets include:

Domestic and overseas initial public offerings

◆ Refinancing of listed companies

◆ Domestic and foreign backdoor listing

◆ Acquisition, merger, division, major asset restructuring, delisting, and resumption of listing of listed companies

◆ Governance structure of listed companies

Design of management incentive plans and employee stock ownership plans

◆ Post market compliance management

◆ Corporate bonds, corporate bonds, financial bonds

◆ Non financial enterprise debt financing tools

◆ Direct financing tools for wealth management

Trust plan

Asset securitization

◆ Listing on the New Third Board, fixed increase, and equity incentives

◆ Four board listing

Private equity investment

classic case

◇ Assist Qingdao Derui Investment Co., Ltd. in issuing short-term financing bonds for the year 2013, with an issuance limit of over 1 billion yuan.

Cooperate with the Financial and Legal Affairs Department to assist Qingdao Beer Group in providing full legal services for the registration and issuance of medium-term notes, with a total issuance amount of 1 billion yuan.

Served as a special legal advisor for City X Group Investment Co., Ltd., providing special legal opinions for the issuance of corporate bonds, short-term financing bonds, medium-term notes, and bank financial direct tools.

◇ Conduct due diligence on the filing and registration of private fund managers for Shenzhen Quantum, Taisheng, and Qingdao Port Fund Companies, and provide legal opinions to assist in the successful filing and registration.

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