The compliance team of Shandong Chenggong Law Firm is one of the core business teams of Chenggong Firm. At present, we have formed a compliance legal service team with strong service capabilities and excellent business skills, relying on the high-quality resources and platforms of the Criminal Law Science Research Institute of Beijing Normal University and the China Entrepreneur Crime Prevention Research Center of Beijing Normal University, centered on the criminal compliance business of enterprises (entrepreneurs), and with communication and cooperation as two wings, integrating national criminal defense resources. The team is composed of professional lawyers and consultants in criminal, corporate, financial, and other fields, with a deep understanding and research on criminal litigation and criminal compliance. In response to the personalized needs of enterprises (entrepreneurs), an exclusive think tank is established to provide comprehensive legal services for enterprise compliance and criminal compliance, including "risk prevention in advance, risk resolution in the process, and risk elimination afterwards". We have handled many difficult and complex compliance matters involving multiple jurisdictions for our clients, including important cases with extensive social impact, which have been well received by enterprises. Team leader Guo Bin was appointed as a professional in the compliance third-party supervision and evaluation mechanism of the first batch of involved enterprises in Qingdao.

The professional legal services provided by Chenggong in the field of compliance include:

Annual legal compliance consultant for enterprises

◆ Compliance consulting and compliance risk identification in key business areas of enterprises

◆ Compliance review of new products and businesses of enterprises

Review of compliance with corporate rules and regulations

Enterprise data management and information protection compliance consulting

◆ Criminal risk review of enterprise operation

◆ Establishment and improvement of a comprehensive compliance management system for enterprises

classic case

◆ Compliance System Cases

The Chenggong Compliance Team and the Shandong Center for Entrepreneurial Criminal Risk Prevention and Control at Beijing Normal University have creatively established a criminal risk prevention and control system for Shouhong Medical Group (Vice President Unit of Qingdao Medical Device Chamber of Commerce), which has a leading position in the field of medical device import and export in Shandong and even across the country, in terms of criminal culture, interest distribution, power operation, workflow, and other aspects, This favorable guarantee ensures the smooth and orderly operation of the company, consolidates its leading position in the industry, and also puts the criminal risk prevention and control work of Chenggong Institute at the forefront of its industry.

◆ Enterprise physical examination and rights protection

Since 2018, one-on-one "legal examinations" have been conducted on enterprises such as Qingdao Rubber Valley Group, Qingdao Huanghai Pharmaceutical, Neusoft Carrier, and Qingdao Dehui. By understanding the production, operation, and legal governance of enterprises, analyzing their legal needs and risk points, helping enterprises identify institutional loopholes and weak links, and improving legal risk warning and prevention mechanisms and conflict resolution mechanisms. After the medical examination, the lawyer service team writes a "medical examination report" and provides feedback to the enterprise, proposing legal and compliant response measures or reasonable suggestions from a professional perspective; For problems that cannot be solved immediately or need to be solved by relevant departments, carefully study and propose work suggestions, report to relevant parties through judicial administrative organs and bar associations, actively establish communication and contact platforms, and use work discussions and other methods to tailor the remedy to the case, in order to accurately solve problems for enterprises.

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