The Criminal Legal Affairs Department is one of the core business teams of Shandong Chenggong Law Firm. Based on the strong academic strength of the School of Law and the Institute of Criminal Law Science at Beijing Normal University, as well as the extensive influence of the China Entrepreneur Criminal Risk Prevention and Control Center at Beijing Normal University, the Shandong Center for Entrepreneur Criminal Risk Prevention and Control at Beijing Normal University has gathered numerous renowned experts and scholars from both inside and outside the province for academic exchanges, and has made every effort to create a high-level, high-quality, efficient, and highly collaborative professionalization, standardization, and specialization A modern legal service team. The team currently has dozens of criminal lawyers who have graduated from well-known law schools both domestically and internationally and have been practicing for many years.

The business scope not only includes key criminal defense fields such as traditional duty crimes, securities crimes, tax crimes, financial crimes, intellectual property crimes, computer network crimes, environmental protection crimes, land and resources crimes, foreign-related crimes, smuggling crimes, but also provides criminal legal consultation, criminal legal training, agency for cross disciplinary and execution of civil and criminal law, and prevention and control of criminal legal risks in enterprises and institutions The accusation, appeal, and agency settlement services of enterprises (institutions) and natural persons are one of the few criminal professional legal service teams in the island city and even the whole province and the whole country with comprehensive business scope, exquisite business level, and excellent professional quality. For many years, the Criminal Professional Committee has adhered to the concept of "cautious thinking and perseverance, sincere cooperation, innovation, excellence, and high quality and efficiency", established standardized business operation guidelines and strict case quality standards. Through strict requirements, meticulous assessment and review, every case has been made into a high-quality product, allowing the parties involved in each case to receive the most satisfactory, professional, and efficient criminal legal services. The Chenggong Criminal Legal Affairs Department has achieved remarkable results in the criminal business field in Qingdao and even the entire province, receiving high praise from legal experts and scholars, full recognition from customers, and admiration from peers and elites.

The professional legal services provided by Chenggong in the criminal field include:

Provide criminal legal consultation, expert legal argumentation, and training

◆ Answering legal advice

◆ Expert legal argumentation in criminal cases and legal argumentation by legal teams

◆ Legal Practice Training and Lectures

criminal defense

Defense during the criminal investigation stage

Defense during the criminal review and prosecution stage

Defense during the criminal first instance stage

Defense during the criminal second instance stage

◆ Legal services for criminal retrial and appeal

Agency for Criminal Settlement and Criminal Incidental Civil Litigation

Agency in Criminal Private Prosecution Cases

Construction of Criminal Risk Prevention and Control System for Enterprises and Entrepreneurs

Agency for foreign-related criminal cases

Defense of criminal cases committed by foreigners within the territory of the People's Republic of China

◆ Management and disposal of Chinese assets within the territory of the People's Republic of China

classic case

◇ Judgment of not guilty

The case of representing Cao XX, Zhang XX, and Chen XX, the leaders of a well-known collective enterprise in Qingdao X, for the crime of privately dividing state-owned assets involves a total amount of nearly 100 million yuan. The case went through first, second, and retrial for five years, and the final defense opinion was adopted. All three defendants were acquitted.

In the case of representing Jiang X on suspicion of illegal detention, after trial, the defense of innocence was successful and he was acquitted.

◇ Public security withdrawal

◆ Agency

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