Review and Retrial

The professional legal services available include, but are not limited to:
Act for clients to apply for the reply after trial to the People's Court which has made the original effective judgment in response to the effective judgment already made.
Act for clients to apply for retrial to a higher court.
Act for clients to appeal to people's procuratorates at all levels for counter appeal.
Act for the stage of retrial of civil and commercial case, criminal case, administrative case, arbitration, execution and bankruptcy.
Typical Cases
It has acted for Bank X, the client, in the disputes between and the import and export company over the payment of the L/C contract. After successful protest, the Supreme Court decided that three quarters of the legal liability of the principal was exempted.
It has acted for YU XX, the client, in the loan disputes with Ren XX for ten years. After protesting through People’s Procuratorate of Shandong Province and retrial by Higher People's Court of Shandong Province, the judgment of the original court of first instance has been upheld and the other party's appeal has been rejected.
It has acted for Qingdao X Garment Co., Ltd. and Shandong X Company in disputes over foreign trade export contracts. Under the circumstances of the client's overall defeat at the first and second instance, after counterappeal, the Higher People's Court of Shandong Province conducted a retrial and decided to revoke the original judgment of the first and second instance, and changed the judgment to support the client's full appeal.
It has acted for China Drawnwork Shandong Import and Export Corporation and X Branch of Bank of China in the case of loan contract disputes. After applying for retrial, the court reversed the Bank of China's request for China Drawnwork Shandong Import and Export Corporation to assume joint and several guarantee liability, which saved nearly 7 million yuan of losses for the company.
It has acted for LI Senfan and LI Hongshan, the principal, in the disputes over the confirmation of real estate rights between and XIN XX. After its application for retrial and protest by the Provincial Procuratorate, the Provincial Higher People's Court finally retried the judgment of the second instance and sentenced five flats to be owned by the principal. The current market value of five apartments is nearly 20 million yuan.
It has acted for Yufeng Company, Machinery Company and Great Wall Asset Management Company in the case of loan contract disputes. Under the disadvantageous state that the client is being executed, it made the case enter the retrial procedure successfully.

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