Environmental Resources

The professional legal services available include, but are not limited to:
Enterprise environmental protection legal adviser, special legal adviser of environmental protection projects, environmental compliance review, energy management project of contract, investigation of environmental tort and protection of rights in litigation, environmental public interest litigation, environmental administrative reconsideration, environmental administrative litigation, criminal defense of
environmental crime, etc.
Typical Cases
It has acted for the villager SUN X to sue for the responsibility of noise pollution on the X Expressway and won the lawsuit. This case is the first case of noise pollution infringement in Qingdao.
It has acted for X enterprise to successfully obtain enterprise emission permits through administrative litigation.
It has defended SHSNG X's criminal case of suspected environmental pollution, and ultimately made the public security organs decide not to file a case.
It has defended XX on suspicion of environmental pollution. This case is a typical case of environmental crime of dumping hazardous waste in Qingdao.
It has provided environmental legal advisory services for Qingdao X Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd. and won high praise from the group.

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