Execution of Investigation and Preservation

The professional legal services available include, but are not limited to:
Investigation Service
Property investigation (bank accounts, real estate, vehicles, marketable securities, etc.).
Evidence investigation (documentary evidence, material evidence, audio-visual materials, witness testimony, appraisal report).
Litigation Preservation Service
Property preservation in litigation (before) (property categories include bank accounts, real estate, vehicles, stocks, securities, funds, machinery and equipment, etc.).
Evidence preservation (documentary evidence, material evidence, audio-visual materials, witness testimony, party statements, expert conclusions, transcripts of investigation, etc.).
Release of property (release the property that has been sealed up or frozen due to litigation within a short period of time).
Enforcement Service of Effective Legal Documents
Investigation of the property of the person subjected to execution, evaluation, auction and sale of the property of the person subjected to execution, procedures for transferring the case to bankruptcy review, subrogation proceedings, asset reorganization and bankruptcy proceedings.
Dissidence Application Service
The preservation and enforcement of objection applications.
Typical Cases
It has acted for Bank X to sue debtors and affiliated enterprises for disputes over letters of credit, involving a total amount of 160 million yuan. Through pre-litigation and litigation preservation procedures, it has preserved the debtor's and affiliated enterprises' real estate with a total value of more than 100 million yuan, and smoothly implemented the seizure of real estate in the execution stage, which effectively guaranteed the realization of creditor's rights.
It has acted for X State-owned Enterprise Group in the Qingdao West Coast New Area in the company financing lease dispute. After the procedure of transfer of priority disposal right and promotion execution, the creditor's rights are finally realized by auction.
It has acted for China Textile Workers' Sanatorium in the case of forced evacuation. It successfully evacuated six families in the sanatorium who illegally occupied houses and land beyond the time limit and returned the client's land and houses with the area more than 1000 square meters.
It has acted for Qingdao X Commerce and Trade Company to sue X State-owned Enterprises for disputes over sales contracts. After investigating and collecting evidence before the lawsuit, it seized and sealed up the core bank accounts of the other party, so that the case finally reached mediation, which safeguarded the interests of the client in the shortest time.
It has acted for Shandong Shanfu Group in the execution case with Beijing X Media Company. By collecting evidence and cooperating with the court's judicial detention of the legal representative of the executed person, it has forced the executed person to make partial repayment and to reach a repayment commitment.

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