The professional legal services available include, but are not limited to:
Marriage and Family: litigation of divorce disputes, inheritance disputes, family wealth inheritance.
Personal Damage Compensation: Personal injury caused by consumption, student personal injury, personal injury caused by construction and animal injury caused by animals.
Medical Disputes: Medical accident disputes, medical products disputes, liability disputes infringing on patients' right to be informed.
Property Damage Compensation: Water leakage disputes, fire accidents disputes, object damage liability disputes.
Housing Sales: information inquiry of real estate, examination, conclusion and performance of housing sales contracts, disputes over commercial housing reservation contracts, disputes over commercial housing pre-sale contracts, disputes over commercial housing sales contracts, disputes over rural housing sales contracts, disputes over housing decoration and construction contracts.
Traffic Accident
Draft, review and execute contracts.
Typical Cases
In the case of malicious transfer of property to mistress, the court finally supported all our claims.
The case of revocation of guardianship has become the first case of revocation of legal guardianship qualification in Qingdao, which has guiding significance.
In the case of property confirmation, which lasted nine years, after evidential hearing by the Supreme People's Court, it changed from three times of losing to the final winning.
It has acted for XX in the case of inheritance disputes and helped the client acquire all property rights and interests according to the facts of separation.
For the dispute of division of property, after the first instance and second instance, the original sentence has been changed finally through retrial.
The right of reputation of the parties is successfully safeguarded by means of fixed evidence, letters from lawyers and lawsuits for infringement.

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