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The professional legal services available include, but are not limited to:
Provide criminal legal consultation and answers, expert legal argumentation of criminal cases, legal argumentation of lawyer team, legal practice training and lectures.
Criminal defense: criminal investigation stage, review stage, first instance, second instance, retrial, appeal defense and legal services.
Act as an agent in criminal reconciliation and criminal incidental civil action, criminal private prosecution cases and foreign-related criminal cases, such as the defense of foreigners' criminal cases in the territory of the People's Republic of China and the management and disposal of Chinese assets in the territory of the People's Republic of China.
Participate in the construction of criminal risk prevention and control system of enterprises (entrepreneurs).
Act as an agent in foreign-related criminal cases.
Typical Cases
It has acted for CAO XX, ZHANG XX and CHEN XX, the chief executives of Qingdao X well-known collective enterprise, who committed the crime of privately dividing state-owned assets. The amount involved was nearly 100 million yuan. After the first instance, second instance and retrial, lasting five years, the final defense opinion was adopted. All the three defendants were acquitted.
It has acted for JIANG X in the case of suspected illegal detention. After the case trial, the innocent plea was successful and the defendant was acquitted.
Public Security Withdrawal
It has acted for HAN X in the case of suspected of concealing the proceeds of crime. The innocent plea was successful and the public security organs withdrew the case.
Prosecution Withdrawal
It has acted for ZHANG X, employee of Qingdao X Assessment Institute, in the case of suspected corrupt a large amount of money with others in the restructuring of X state-owned enterprise. The innocent plea was successful and the prosecutor's office withdrew the prosecution against ZHANG X.
It has acted for LI X in the case of buying and holding counterfeit currency. The innocent plea was successful and the prosecution withdrew the prosecution against LI X.
It has acted for SHAO X in the case of rape and theft. The effective defense is successful. The procuratorial organ determined that the case does not constitute a crime and made a decision not to prosecute.
It has acted for JIANG X in the case of illegal detention. After effective defense, the client JIANG X was not prosecuted.
It has successfully acted as an agent for XUE XX in the case of occupation, ZUO X in the case of assistance in organizing prostitution, ZHANG XX in the case of bribery and other non-prosecution cases.
Probation Sentence
It has acted for FANG X, the legal representative of Qingdao X Company, in the case of smuggling ordinary goods, which involves a huge amount. He was sentenced to 10 years' imprisonment in the first instance and was changed to suspended sentence after our agency.
It has acted for JIAO XX, the person in charge of X real estate enterprise, in the case of bribery and embezzlement of funds as non-state functionaries. The amount involved was nearly 60 million yuan. Finally, the crime of accepting bribes as non-state functionaries was not recognized by the court. Three of the four criminal facts of the crime of embezzlement of funds were not recognized by the court, and the defendant in this case received probation at the first instance.
No Arrest
It has acted for WANG X, chairman of Qingdao X Company, who was suspected of contractual fraud of 3.5 million yuan. During the period of approval and arrest by the procuratorate, the legal opinions submitted were successfully adopted. Finally, the defendant was not arrested but faced with a prison term of more than 10 years. Later, it successfully defended him and changed his accusation to the crime of forging seals and he was sentenced to only half a year.
Lenient Punishment
It has acted for LIU XX, a member of Zibo X Museum, in the case of illegally absorbing public deposits. The amount involved in the case reached 2.1 billion yuan, and more than 5,000 persons were involved. Finally, the defendant was given a lenient punishment.