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Human Resources

Human Resources

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The professional legal services available include but are not limited to:
  Answer labor law questions in human resource management and give legal opinions on major matters.
Prompt employing units to standardize human resources management to avoid and reduce labor disputes in human resources management.
  Tailor-made, revise and review the rules and regulations of human resources management or employee manual, human resources management form, model, business guidance: recruitment application form, recruitment announcement, employee job registration form, overtime application form, resignation application form, job adjustment notice, etc.; agreement between employing units and workers: labor contract, training contract, service-period contract, confidentiality contract, etc.; and agreement between employing units and external cooperative units: labor dispatch contract, outsourcing contract, etc.
  Assist, guide and formulate personnel placement plans in the process of reorganization, merger and acquisition and restructuring of employing units; employing units' layoff plans; the formulation of collective bargaining between employing units and labor unions and collective contracts.
  Conduct training on legal knowledge of human resources according to the needs of enterprises, and provide employing units with relevant new labor and personnel regulations, rules and policies in a timely manner.
  Assist the employing units in setting up legal departments and give guidance to their daily work.
Typical Cases
It has acted for labor disputes involve dozens of employees between workers and X Group. After labor arbitration, the lawsuits are basically won and saved huge losses for workers.
It has acted for labor disputes involve hundreds of employees between workers and X Supermarket. After labor arbitration, the lawsuits are basically won and won the opportunities for employees to safeguard their rights.
It has served as a special legal adviser for human resources management projects of X diamond enterprise, X auto parts company and X listed company, implemented from investigating, sorting out human resources management projects to the final shaping, and assisted them to adopt relevant systems, laying a solid foundation for enterprise management.
It has successfully acted for labor disputes cases of enterprises affiliated to the TV Station and Qingdao Port, avoiding losses for enterprises and improving enterprise management.
It participated in the work of legal aid for labor disputes, acted for nearly 1000 cases of legal aid for labor disputes, and has rich experience in handling labor disputes.