The professional legal services available include, but are not limited to:
Legal Affairs of Commercial Litigation and Arbitration
Provide litigation and arbitration agent service for all kinds of commercial transactions disputes, such as purchase and sales contracts, lease contracts, equity transfer, processing contracts, insurance contracts, etc.
Provide litigation and arbitration agent services for guarantee, asset mortgage, pledge, lien and other guaranty disputes arising in order to conclude commercial transactions.
Commercial Non-litigation Legal Affairs
Provide the due diligence investigation of commercial cooperation and the due diligence investigation of various information of commercial partners, conduct the legal risk analysis of transaction cooperation and make the due diligence investigation report on this basis.
Issue advisory opinions or legal proposals and provide advisory opinions or legal opinions on legal issues related to commercial cooperation.
Participate in commercial negotiations, help clients design negotiation plans, provide legal advice, and participate in the negotiation process, and strive for and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of clients.
Provide legal services for contract management, drafting and reviewing various types of commercial transaction contracts, establishing a standardized contract management system and formulating matching contract format texts according to commercial needs.
Provide training in commercial law, drafting and reviewing of commercial contracts, management of commercial contracts, capital operation, asset acquisition, commercial legal proceedings and arbitration practice.
Typical Cases
It has successfully acted for Qingdao X Automation Technology Co., Ltd. and Zibo X Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. in disputes over sales contracts, and helped clients recover more than 6 million yuan of payment for goods and liquidated damages.
It has successfully acted for Laiyang X Biochemical Products Co., Ltd. Shanghai X Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Yantai X Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in the case of unfair competition disputes. The case was appraised as "Top Ten Typical Cases in Qingdao City" by Qingdao Intermediate People's Court in 2016.
It has successfully acted for Weihai X Heavy Industry Company and Qingdao X Industrial Company in the case of infringement of trade secrets. The agency in this case has achieved the expected litigation effect and avoided a lot of losses for the client.
It has acted for the dispute of Shandong X Commerce and Trade Company prosecuted Shandong X Real Estate Development Company and Longkou X Housing Industry Co., Ltd. on the transfer of equity. Finally, the court decided that the other party should pay compensation of 10 million yuan, which saved huge losses for the client.
It has acted for Qingdao Chengyang X Storage and Transportation Team and Qingdao X Specialized College in the case of joint venture contract disputes. After three years and seven months and four trial stages, the court finally supported the client's claim and rejected the other party's claim of 10 million yuan to the client.
It provided legal services for Qingdao X Real Estate Co., Ltd. to acquire 100% of the shares of Xiang X Co., Ltd. and ultimately realized the client’s successful acquisition with RMB 320 million.

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