The professional legal services available include, but are not limited to:
Comprehensive Agent
Act as an agent for administrative investigation and participate in project demonstration; Act as an agent for administrative hearing; Act as an agent for consultation of administrative disputes; Act as administrative legal consultants and provide administrative legal consultation for government or non-governmental departments; Act as an agent for administrative reconsideration and administrative litigation; Act as an agent for application for state compensation.
Act as Legal Adviser to Administrative Organs
Answer all kinds of administrative legal consultation such as administrative license, administrative law enforcement, administrative penalty, etc.
Assist advisory units in drafting, revising, auditing and formulating normative documents, including administrative license establishment documents and implementation documents, working rules of various administrative acts, working guidelines of administrative acts, administrative law enforcement procedures and operational guidelines, etc.
Issue legal opinions on the legality of specific administrative acts.
Assist in solving some difficult legal problems in the process of administrative law enforcement and punishment, such as the determination of the subject of punishment, the amount of punishment, the nature of punishment, etc.
Conduct professional training on administrative law enforcement, administrative punishment, administrative litigation and other administrative legal knowledge for advisory units.
Participate in administrative hearings presided over by advisory units and provide legal opinions.
Act as an agent in the cases of administrative reconsideration and administrative litigation of advisory units.
Provide advisory opinions on the legislation of relevant government departments.
Provide administrative legal services to administrative counterparts or interested parties.
Answer Administrative Legal Consultation
Act for administrative counterparts or interested parties to bring application, objection, administrative hearing, etc.
Act for administrative counterparts or interested parties to bring administrative reconsideration, administrative litigation, state compensation and other administrative disputes.
Typical Cases
Government Counsel
It serves as the perennial legal adviser of the Qingdao Municipal Government, governments of seven districts and three municipals, relevant government departments and state-owned enterprises. It has participated in a large number of district contract review, topic research, normative document review, administrative law enforcement, legal training, letters and visits, etc. It has acted for thousands of litigation and administrative reconsideration cases.
Housing Expropriation
It has participated in more than 40 housing expropriation projects in the southern and northern districts of the city, including 6 key projects in the city, serving the expropriation of tens of thousands of households.
Preparation of Reference Books
It compiles a large number of practical reference books for districts and municipalities in Qingdao, such as the Handbook for the Use of Housing Expropriation and Compensation in Southern District of Qingdao, the Operational Guidelines for the Renovation of Dangerous Old Buildings in the Former Sifang District, the Procedures and Model Texts of Administrative Law Enforcement of Urban Management in Northern District of Qingdao, the Guidelines for the Procedure of Administrative Review of Southern District of Qingdao and the Handbook for Property Management Practice of Southern District of Qingdao, and compiles the administrative business yearbook for seven consecutive years since 2012.
Reform of Collective Enterprises
It successfully completed the transformation of Fenghua Agricultural Industrial and Commercial Company in Sifang District, Qingdao into a limited liability company in 2008, Qingdao Longchangyuan Industrial Corporation into a limited liability company in 2012, and Qingdao Shuangshan Industrial Corporation into a limited liability company in 2012.
Transfer of State Ownership
It successfully completed the state-owned equity transfer project of Qingdao Bay Import and Export Co., Ltd. in 2009 and the state-owned equity transfer project of Qingdao Haihua Special Silica Gel Co., Ltd. in 2010.
Negotiation of Major Projects
In 2011, on behalf of the former Sifang District Government, it successfully completed the negotiation project with Vanke and Singapore Capitaland New Capital Center on the acquisition of Land A3. In 2012, it successfully completed the expropriation and commercial negotiation of No. Shandong Road Project (The Mixc now) on behalf of the Southern District Government.
Structural reform
It successfully participated in and completed the Qingdao SASAC 2008-2009 pilot project on the construction of legal risk management system for state-owned enterprises, partial projects of Qingdao Agricultural Commission 2013-2014 Yellow Island project on the property rights system reform of rural collective economic organizations and the assets clearance and capital verification.

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