Investigation and preservation execution

Shandong Chenggong Law Firm, based on the concept of protecting the legitimate rights and interests of parties, cooperates with people's courts at all levels to solve the requirements of enforcement difficulties. It has organized multiple experienced practicing lawyers and personnel with years of court enforcement work experience to establish an investigation and preservation enforcement committee in 2017. The Investigation and Preservation Executive Committee is mainly responsible for the investigation and preservation of evidence and property in litigation and non litigation business, as well as the enforcement of rights and obligations established by effective legal documents. Through the investigation first work system, grasp the dynamics of the evidence and property involved in the case, strive to build a fast track for litigation preservation, prevent malicious concealment and transfer of property, achieve synchronous filing and preservation, preservation before litigation, and strive for initiative in case mediation and execution through fast and efficient preservation work. For behaviors such as procrastination, hiding, and evasion that refuse to execute court judgments, methods such as using leverage and hard governance are adopted to strengthen communication and cooperation with relevant departments, promote the parties to fulfill their obligations, and effectively clean up the backlog of enforcement cases. The Investigation and Preservation Executive Committee adheres to the practice philosophy of "cautious thinking and perseverance, sincere cooperation, pioneering and enterprising, striving for excellence, and high quality and efficiency", adheres to the development path of "standardization, professionalization, professionalization, professionalization, and socialization", establishes standardized business operation guidelines and legal service manuals, and through strict requirements, meticulous assessment and review, turns every case into a high-quality product. Since its establishment, the Investigation and Preservation Executive Committee has undertaken multiple difficult and complex cases, accumulated a large amount of work experience in non-performing asset disposal, judicial evaluation and auction, "enforcement to bankruptcy", asset restructuring, and achieved good work results, safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of customers, and gained recognition from customers and society.

The professional legal services provided by Chenggong in the field of investigation, preservation and execution include:

Survey Services

◆ Property investigation (bank accounts, real estate, vehicles, securities, etc.)

Evidence investigation (documentary evidence, physical evidence, audio-visual materials, witness testimony, appraisal reports)

Litigation preservation services

◆ Property preservation before litigation (including bank accounts, real estate, vehicles, stocks, securities, funds, machinery and equipment, etc.)

◆ Evidence preservation (documentary evidence, physical evidence, audio-visual materials, witness testimony, parties' statements, appraisal conclusions, investigation records, etc.)

◆ Property unsealing (for property that has been sealed up or frozen due to litigation, it should be unsealed in a short period of time)

Execution services for effective legal documents

◆ Property investigation of the executed person

◆ Property evaluation, auction, and sale of the executed person

◆ "Execute to break" program

◆ Subrogation litigation

Asset restructuring

Bankruptcy proceedings

Objection application service

◆ Application for preservation objection

◆ Execution objection application

classic case

Acting as the agent of X Bank, X Bank sued the debtor and related enterprise for a letter of credit dispute, involving a total amount of 160 million yuan. Through pre litigation and litigation preservation procedures, the debtor and related enterprise's property worth a total of over 100 million yuan was preserved, and the seized property was successfully executed during the execution phase, effectively ensuring the realization of the creditor's rights.

◆ Acting as a state-owned enterprise in Qingdao West Coast New Area

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