Marriage and Family Affairs and Wealth Inheritance

The Marriage and Family Affairs Studio was established in April 2018 by Lawyer Song Lin and relies on the Marriage and Family Affairs Business Team of Chenggong Law Firm. It is composed of several senior marriage inheritance, wealth management, and equity tax lawyers, including Lawyer Song, Lawyer Dong Qi, Lawyer He Zhaopeng, Lawyer Wang Yun, Lawyer Tang Jing, Lawyer Wang Shuyi, and Lawyer Yang Min. The team members work with Qingdao TV's "True Mediation" Establish long-term cooperative relationships with programs such as' Happiness Assistance Group '. The studio is committed to delving deeper into the field of marriage and family affairs, aiming to help clients solve various emotional disputes, family affairs, wealth management, and asset allocation issues. According to the different needs of clients, a dedicated service team is formed to provide comprehensive and full process service solutions, maximizing the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of clients, avoiding legal risks and losses, and protecting clients' privacy and reputation. Since the establishment of the studio, there have been over a hundred family affairs cases involving divorce, inheritance, upbringing, and cohabitation, with the vast majority of cases successfully closed and receiving numerous banners and thank-you letters from clients.

The studio's business covers all legal services in the field of marriage and family affairs, including:

Marriage Dispute Resolution Plan

◆ Litigation for dissolution of marriage

◆ Property Separation and Inheritance Litigation

◆ Divorce equity split lawsuit

◆ Divorce Company Control Litigation

◆ Litigation for child custody rights

◆ Agency for difficult real estate division litigation and other cases

Consultation and mediation service plan

◆ Divorce consultation and mediation (including mediation and reconciliation)

◆ Consultation and mediation of property division

Emotional repair consultation and mediation

◆ Marriage Rescue Counseling and Mediation

Family wealth management consulting

Wills design services

◆ Asset allocation services

◆ Debt and tax isolation risk prevention and control services

Typical Cases

◆ Successfully mediated a divorce case involving infidelity in marriage, involving over 30 million yuan in the subject matter, involving multiple properties and companies. After a series of negotiations and mediation, the client recovered huge losses and won the rights and interests of all properties and part of the company, gaining high recognition from the client.

◆ Acting as an agent in a inheritance litigation case involving up to 50 million yuan in property, deposits, land use rights, etc. Through various means of safeguarding rights and cooperation, we strive to win over tens of millions of property benefits for the client.

On behalf of Ms. Zhang, she sued a third party Qiu X for a dispute over the return of property. The court ultimately supported our entire lawsuit and ruled to return more than 7 million yuan of maliciously transferred funds. The villa purchased by Ms. Zhang's husband for the third party belongs to the client.

Mr. Liu's legal inheritance dispute case ultimately determined that the disputed estate was the personal property of the deceased rather than the joint property of the husband and wife, effectively safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the client.

◆ Various types of divorces entrusted by the parties involved

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