Director Guo Bin of our institute served as the guest speaker for the first episode of the QTV-2 TV program "New Account" after its 2019 revision

On January 1, 2019, Lawyer Guo Bin, founding partner and director of Shandong Chenggong Law Firm, entered the broadcasting room of the QTV-2 "New Sayings" program on Qingdao Television Life Service Channel, becoming a special guest lawyer for the first episode of the program after its upgrade and revision in 2019. He interpreted the case from a legal perspective and provided relevant legal advice, bringing professional and authoritative legal interpretation to the vast number of television viewers.
The theme of this episode is "Please Stay Away from Car Accidents". In the program, Lawyer Guo Bin and host Zhang Guoqun discuss the safety hazards caused by pedestrians running red lights and vehicles violating traffic order. At the end of the program, Lawyer Guo Bin concluded that pedestrians should follow the traffic lights to cross the road. This is not only a reverence for the law, respect for life, protection for themselves and others, but also a safeguard of public safety. I hope that the general public can raise their awareness of travel safety and civilization, cherish life, and travel safely.
After the end of the program, Director Guo Bin put forward new requirements for Chenggong Lawyer who will enter the studio for recording in the future. As a guest on TV programs, it is a good platform to showcase Chenggong Lawyer's good image, spiritual outlook, and professional competence to the outside world. It has a great promoting effect on further seeking the care, attention, and support of all sectors of society for lawyer work. Lawyers should attach great importance to this work, showcase the image of excellent and honest lawyers to the public, and contribute to the construction of "Law and Qingdao, Beautiful Qingdao" with their own legal thinking.
Introduction to the "New Account" column
Introduction to the "New Account" column: Through a comprehensive overview of major legal news events across the country, we aim to understand the underlying social reasons behind the cases. Through real-time reporting, professional analysis, and in-depth interpretation by renowned commentators, we aim to provide viewers with the latest and most comprehensive legal news information in the form of themed legal news broadcasts for one hour every day. In addition to maintaining the strong storytelling of the rule of law program, "New Sayings" has been upgraded and revised this year. The revised program has hired many well-known lawyers as news commentators, establishing the authority of the program. From simple case reporting, it explores deeper social issues behind the case, guides the parties and audience to clarify legal relationships, and peels off the fog of the case layer by layer.

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