The Government and Administrative Committee of Shinan District Lawyers Association held the Third Work Conference for 2023 at Chenggong Institute

On January 7, 2019, Mr. Kan, the legal aid client, sent a banner to Shandong Chenggong (Chengyang) Law Firm to express his gratitude to lawyers Cao Cunzhao and Sun Xiaoai for providing high-quality legal services in representing him in labor disputes.
Mr. Kan, the client, once worked at a machinery company in Chengyang, Qingdao. In September 2018, the company terminated his employment relationship without any reason and did not provide him with any compensation. After Mr. Kan repeatedly negotiated with the company, the company still ignored him and threatened him with intimidation. In the case where Mr. Kan's appeal was unsuccessful, Chenggong (Chengyang) extended a helping hand to him. After accepting Mr. Kan's legal aid commission, he actively assisted him in collecting evidence and participating in litigation. With the mediation of the lawyer, the company ultimately agreed to pay a compensation of 30000 yuan.

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