Agriculture, Farmer and Rural Area

◇Areas concerning legal protection for rural population
Law popularization, legal consultation, legal mediation, lawsuit agency and legal aid for migrant labor, countryside caretakers and special needy groups (targeted poverty alleviation)
◇Areas concerning rural construction
•One legal adviser for one village (town)
•Reform of rural collective property rights system (including changing village to residential community)
•Lectures and training on law popularization in rural area (public welfare or policy subsidy)
•Legal services for rural real estate construction (including the settlement over housing disputes on residential land, limited property houses, land expropriation compensation, road, bridge, hydraulic engineering and other infrastructure, development and construction of real estate, park construction, etc.)
•Construction of characteristic towns & PPP project in rural area
◇Areas concerning agricultural development
•Promoting the publicity and implementing of the National Benefiting Farmers Policy
•Legal services for agricultural cooperatives and associations
•Legal services for agricultural companies
•Characteristic agricultural legal services
•Legal services about production, supply and sales of agricultural products, and rural e-commerce Internet plus

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