Maritime Affairs

The professional legal services available include, but are not limited to:
Ship financing agent, maritime dispute litigation agent, maritime commerce dispute litigation agent, marine insurance dispute litigation agent, port engineering dispute litigation agent.
Typical Cases
It has acted for WU X to sue Qingdao X International Ship Management Co., Ltd. for disputes over seafarers' labor contracts. After the evidential hearing of the Qingdao Maritime Court, Shandong Higher People's Court and Supreme People's Court, the approval rules of seafarers' labor contracts were established.
It has acted for the case of ship owner's arrears of crew's wages. In this case, the state successfully auctioned bulk carriers containing solid waste prohibited by the state for the first time in recent years, which effectively safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of the crew.
It has acted for Qingdao X International Logistics Co., Ltd. to sue Shanxi X International Trade Co., Ltd. for disputes over freight forwarding contracts. In the absence of effective evidence, we prompted both parties to reach a mediation, which saved millions of economic losses for the parties.
It acted for Rongcheng X Aquatic Products Co., Ltd. to sue FANG X, SUN X and other two people for marine development and utilization disputes, and the court rejected the company's claim for personal compensation for millions of breeding losses.

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