Architectural Engineering & Real Estate

The professional legal services available include, but are not limited to:
Legal services for the whole process of the first and second level development of real estate. Specific contents include:
Due diligence and legal risk assessment of real estate projects.
Establish the legal structure of real estate project investment, participate in relevant negotiations, draft and amend relevant documents.
Establishment of whole course legal services for real estate development subjects.
Review and amendment of project financing scheme and related legal documents.
Provide legal advice for the delivery process of real estate projects.
Non-litigation legal services such as project transfer, merger and acquisition.
Legal Services for Real Estate Sales
Dispute services and related non-litigation services in commercial housing sale contracts.
Dispute services and related legal services for sale contracts of second-hand housing.
Legal services related to housing donation and inheritance.
Housing-related legal services in marriage.
Legal services for housing rental.
Legal services for construction projects.
Legal services for property.
Legal services for establishment of Owners' Committees and property management.
Legal services for commercial real estate management.
Legal services related to state-owned land expropriation and PPP.
Typical Cases
It has acted for Qingdao X Group Company to sue China X Workers Sanatorium and Shandong Federation of Trade Unions for joint construction contract disputes. The agency lasted seven years. After the final ruling of the Supreme People's Court, it avoided nearly 3 billion yuan of economic losses for the client. The attorney agent was awarded the title of "Shandong Outstanding Lawyer in Safeguarding Employees’ Rights and Interests", and issued the "Shandong Labor Medal for Enriching People and Prospering Shandong".
It has provided special legal services for the overall transfer of the golden section project in Huangdao District, Qingdao City. After eight months of multiple rounds of negotiations, target selection and contract drafting, the smooth transfer of the project has been achieved.
It has provided comprehensive legal services for the protection of rights and interests in the development of the two real estate projects. Under the circumstances of complex cases, numerous interested persons, weak position and lack of financial strength, it provided a lot of non-litigation schemes and participated in many arduous negotiations by using the three major litigation means of criminal litigation, civil litigation and company litigation. Finally, the legitimate rights and interests of the client are successfully safeguarded.
It has successfully acted for X Company to cooperate in the development and return of construction funds to the effective civil mediation letter to file a retrial.
It has acted for Qingdao Hua X Real Estate Co., Ltd. in the case of the joint construction contract disputes with Qingdao X Sanatorium and Shandong General Trade Union. The agency lasted for three years. The Provincial Higher People's Court decided in the first instance that the client should bear more than 7 million yuan of compensation for losses. Then we acted for the client in the final instance of the Supreme People's Court and saved more than 570 million yuan of losses for the principal.
It has represented Qingdao X Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. in the case of breach of contract disputes with Qingdao X City First Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., advocating breach of contract liability in the counterclaim and we finally exempted the client from breach of contract liability.
It has acted for Gao X Company in the case of disputes over earthwork contract with Huahai X Company, accepted principal-agent in the case of losing all three trials, and eventually let the court decide to cancel the judgment made in the first instance and order the other party to pay for the earthwork.
It has provided non-litigation special legal services for Qingdao X Government Investment Platform to establish project organization structure and related work payment management processes, and realized the extension of special services to management consulting business.

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