The professional legal services available include, but are not limited to: 
Consulting Service
Provide legal consultation on production, operation and management with enterprises, and issue advisory opinions and proposals from lawyers.
Review Service
Review and amend the articles of association, shareholder agreements, cooperation agreements, labor contracts, transaction contracts and other legal instruments of agreement.
Internal Control Service
Assist in the establishment of internal management system, including legal documents filing system, contract management system, etc.
Case Service
Act for litigation, arbitration, labor arbitration, administrative reconsideration, hearing activities, etc.
Special Legal Service
Provide legal argumentation, due diligence, negotiation, document drafting and transfer services for major projects (investment, merger and acquisition, reorganization, listing, bond issuance, etc.).
Design Service
Provide legal support for the internal organizational structure adjustment, equity adjustment (including equity incentives) and process coordination.
Liquidation Service
Provide liquidation independently or provide bankruptcy liquidation and compulsory liquidation services as designated by the court.
Typical Cases
It has acted for the disputes over the payment of more than 350 million yuan between X Industrial Corporation and Guolong Tengfei Company, thus facilitated the settlement between the two parties.
It has acted for the disputes between Hisense Real Estate Co., Ltd. and Longkou X Electric Power Company. After implementing the key problem, that is, many years' remaining tax issues, it finally avoided more than 10 million yuan of losses for the client.
It has provided full legal services for the equity transfer of Qingdao Public Housing Construction Investment Co., Ltd. to Qingdao Metro Group. In a short period of one month, it fulfilled the commissioning requirements efficiently and in advance.
It was appointed by Qingdao Intermediate Court as liquidation administrator to undertake the compulsory liquidation of Qingdao X Commerce and Trade Company, and formed the working team composed of 7 persons, which eventually completed smoothly.
It has acted for the case of X insurance equity transfer, negotiated with 360 Financial Group, Shenzhen Chuangbicheng Company and other national companies, and ultimately successfully helped the principal to sell all the equity.

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