New elites will become the backbone force – Chenggong Law Firm welcomes 16 new partners

On the premise of complying with the original partnership system, Chenggong Law Firm further perfected the partner access mechanism. In Jan. 2018, according to the resolution passed on the partnership meeting, it was decided that, WANG Yi, YANG Weilin, HU Xiaoli, ZHANG Yi, YANG Zhiming, GONG Hongwei, LI Shengjun, GAO Song, YONG Xiaona, GE Xiushang, YANG Shuzhen and ZHANG Yang were incorporated as general partners; ZHANG Zhiqiang and DING Rongrong from the Administration Department, GAO Lingling from the Brand Information Department and JIANG Qian from the Finance Department were absorbed as executive partners. The aforesaid 16 new partners have achieved outstanding performance in their respective professional fields, whose access shall empower Chenggong to further expand and promote comprehensive legal services, standardize business management, and lay a solider talent foundation.

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