The partner team of Chenggong Law Firm was invited to give lessons to lawyers in Qiannan, Guizhou

On the invitation of Qiannan Justice Bureau and Qiannan Lawyers Association, GUO Bin, the Director of Chenggong Law Firm led the partner team to reach Duyun, the capital of Qiannan, Guizhou on Oct. 23, and launched the 1-day lesson oriented at development of law firms and lawyers, legal affairs of government and enterprises, and public welfare establishments for lawyers in Qiannan. CHEN Wanxiang, the Secretary of the Party Committee of Qiannan lawyer profession and Deputy Director General of Justice Bureau attended the training class, and addressed an important speech. This lecture was presided over by LIU Pengju, the Chairman of Qiannan Lawyers Association and witnessed the presence of near 120 lawyers in Qiannan.
This lecture was highly praised and critically acclaimed by leaders of Qiannan Justice Bureau and Qiannan Lawyers Association as well as present lawyers.

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