The 2019 New Year Party of “Win in the New Era” was grandly convened by Chenggong Law Firm

All things are new at the beginning of the New Year, and the peak form is approaching upon wonder years. On the afternoon of Jan. 17, 2019, the Hanyang Hall at Floor 1 of Hundred Hotel featured flowing light and color, where people sang and danced to extol their success. The 2019 New Year Party of “Win in the New Era” of Chenggong Law Firm was grandly convened there. Principal leaders of Chenggong Law Firm were present to celebrate this Party with all the staff and their family members totaling over 200.
Oriented at the theme of “Win in the New Era”, this Party comprised four chapters, namely, Propagate Mindfulness, and Lead Right Behaviors, Dare to Undertake Missions, and Contribute to Development, Bring Benefits to the People via Cooperation and Law-based China, Beautiful China, and covered 20 programs like recitation, solo, chorus, cross talk, sketch, three and a half sentence, video clip and interactive song and dance. This Party managed to combine the popular with the classic, and integrate tender feelings with enthusiasm, thus offering a wonderful audio-visual feast to audiences.

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