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Member of Communist Party of China, Partner of Chenggong Law Firm, and Deputy Director of Retrial Complaints Legal Affairs Department


Professional Field


Professional Achievement

He has provided high-quality legal services for the establishment, restructuring, acquisition, merger and asset reorganization of many companies in Qingdao, as well as legal planning and large-scale projects feasibility demonstration services for the reform of many large state-owned enterprises.

He has served as the legal advisor for many enterprises and institutions, such as Qingdao Jinqing Co., Ltd., Qingdao Cable Network Center, Qingdao Beimont Industrial Co., Ltd. for many years. He can provide contract drafting, revision, examination and signing services for the entrusted units and individuals, provide legal consultation for the entrusted units on external business and internal management, provide legal analysis and demonstration for the major decision-making matters of the entrusted units, and provide foreign negotiations, lawyer's witness, deposit witness, credit investigation, application and protection of trademark and patent, trade secret protection, contract disputes, economic disputes, employee legal training and other legal matters.

Expert in civil and commercial lawsuits, and non-litigation business of human resources legal affairs, insurance law affairs and corporate legal counsels

Social duties

Member of Legal Aid and Public Welfare Professional Committee of Shandong Lawyers Association
Member of Insurance Professional Committee of Qingdao Lawyers Association
Arbitrator of Qingdao Shinan District Arbitration Court for Labor and Personnel Disputes
Full-time Instructor for Collective Consultation on Wages in Shinan District, Qingdao
Legal Vice Principal of Qingdao Shinan District Experimental Primary School


Bachelor’s Degree of Shandong Normal University

Qingdao Advanced Individual of Judicial and Administrative System

Qingdao Excellent Lawyer for Appeal Agency

Qingdao Advanced Individual of Labor Dispute Arbitration and Mediation