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Lawyer Team


Yong Xiaona

Tel.: 13375563965



Contact Information

Partner of Chenggong Law Firm, Deputy Director of Construction Engineering and Real Estate Legal Affairs Department, and Director of Real Estate and Construction Engineering Department of Chenggon (Laoshan) Law Firm


Professional Field


Professional Achievement

Currently, the lawyer, YONG Xiaona who acts as the legal counsel of multiple domestic and overseas-funded enterprises, has ensured the normal operation of those enterprises in a better manner, and protects their legal rights and interests. Besides, she has been the attorney of quite a few difficult cases oriented at housing demolition and resettlement and housing disputes, and empowered her clients to gain relevant interests by law. In the meantime, she has taken over many difficult cases referring to construction engineering contract, lease contract and labor fee of peasant workers, and managed to make her clients timely solve disputes and acquire relevant interests.

Expert in handling enterprise non-lawsuit and major lawsuit cases, as well as major dispute cases of real estate and construction engineering

Social duties

Chief Mediator of Laoshan Central People’s Mediation Committee

Petition-involved and litigation-related Lawyer of Laoshan Public Security Sub-bureau

Petition-involved and litigation-related Lawyer of Laoshan People’s Court

Commenting Lawyer of Mediation with True Feelings Broadcasted by QTV-2

Bachelor of Laws of Peking University