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Member of Communist Party of China; the Partner of Chenggong Law Firm; the Director of Administrative Legal Affairs Department


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Professional Achievement

The lawyer ZHANG Yi has long been at the forefront of the expropriation field and participated in the reconstruction project of Shinan District and Shibei District such as the reconstruction of Dashuiqing Ditch and Xiaoshuiqing Ditch, the opening projects of 22 Jinhua Road, 19 Fushun Road and Shangqou Road, and the district reconstruction of Shuanchang Road, 8 Shandong Road, Shinan District, Suzhou Road and Zhongshan Road. He has acted as an agent in hundreds of cases including litigation, non-lawsuit and administrative review, which has won the affirmation of the government departments for many times.

He participated in and wrote many operating instruction and reference books as a leader writer such as Handbook for the Use of Housing Expropriation and Compensation in Shinan District, Operation Guidelines for Shantytowns Renovation in Shibei District, One Hundred Questions and Answers on Property Management in Shinan District and Handbook for Property Management of Shinan District, which have won good social effect.

Administrative litigation and administrative non-lawsuit; the government imposes; construction engineering; property management

Social duties

Member of Administrative Professional Committee of Qingdao Lawyers Association


Master of Hangzhou Normal University

Qingdao Advanced Individual of Judicial and Administrative System