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Member of Communist Party of China; the Partner of Chenggong Law Firm; the Director of Criminal Legal Affairs Department


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In the case, in which ZHANG, an employee of a Qingdao evaluation bureau, was suspected of corruption together with others in the restructuring of a state-owned enterprise, successfully achieved innocent defense and the procuratorate withdrew the prosecution of ZHANG.
In the case of the main leaders of Aucma Group privately divided state assets by nearly one billion Yuan, which was a big hit in Qingdao, successfully defended the defendants with a suspended sentence.
In the case in which HAN was suspected of shielding and concealing the illegal gain, successfully achieved the innocent defense and the public security organ dismissed the case.
In the case, in which HAN, the Director of Logistics and Equipment Division of a detachment of Qingdao City Public Security Bureau, was suspected of accepting bribes of 2.67 million Yuan, causing 4 million Yuan loss due to authority abuse and conniving at underworld organizations, and he should be life imprisonment due to combined punishment of several crimes. But the lawyer successfully defended the crime of conniving at underworld organizations and finally Han was sentenced to 13 year in prison.
In the case, in which FANG, the Legal Representative of a Qingdao company, was suspected of smuggling ordinary goods and was sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment in the first instance, and after the lawyer acting for this case, the defendant was sentenced to probation through retrial.
In the case, in which WANG, the Chairman of a Qingdao company, was suspected of contract fraud of 3.5 million Yuan and facing more than 10 years’ imprisonment, the defense achieved success, and the charge was changed to the crime of forging seal and the defendant was only sentenced to a half year.
Wrote the Successful Realization of the Law of Enterprise Science and Technology and the Intellectual Property Strategy are the Fundamental Ways for Enterprise to Achieve Its Development Goals, and won the third prize.

Criminal defense, civil and commercial litigation, enterprise risk prevention and control

Social duties

Member of Criminal Committee of Qingdao Lawyers Association

Vice President of Legal System of Qingdao No. 7 Middle School

Bachelor of Shandong University

Qingdao Advanced Individual of Judicial and Administrative System

“Excellent Criminal Defense Lawyer” of the Ninth Criminal Debate Forum & 2016 Criminal Defense Summit