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Lawyer Team


NIU Changzhou



Contact Information

Member of Communist Party of China; Partner of Chenggong Law Firm; the Director of Military-related Legal Affairs Department; the Deputy Director of Criminal Legal Affairs Department, the Deputy Director of Chenggong (Chengyang) Law Firm


Professional Field


Professional Achievement

The lawyer NIU Changzhou was a consultant in the Legal Advisory Office of the Political Department of the former PLA Force 71146 Garrisoned in Qingdao, and now he is the member of Practice Assessment Committee for Trainee Lawyers of Qingdao Lawyers Association, the member of Civil-military Integration Legal Service Team, the member of Legal Expert Consultation Team of Qingdao Medical Dispute, the member of Legal Service Team of Bandao City News and the “Great Lawyer with Most Reputation from Readers” of Bandao City News. His advanced deeds were ever reported by XINWEN LIANBO of Military Channel of CCTV, PLA Daily, Chines Military and Laws, Qianwei Bao, Qingdao TV Station and Chegnyang TV Station.

Criminal defense; civil tort; military-related cases

Social duties

Deputy Secretary General of Henan Chamber of Commerce in Qingdao

Legal Consultant of Qingdao Federation of Trade Unions

Legal Consultant of Chnegyang District Federation of Unions

“Outstanding Member of Communist Party of China” commended by Jinan Military Region

“Advanced Individual in Safeguarding the Military Ownership Rights and Interests of Soldiers” commended by Jinan Military Region and Luyu Supreme People’s Court

“Pacesetter of Grassroots Legal Construction” commended by Jinan Military Region

“Top Ten” Lawyer in Chengyang District