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Lawyer Team


Ji Lei 

Tel.: 15265229877

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Partner of Shandong Chenggong Law Firm, Vice Director of Criminal Legal Affairs Department, Deputy Director of Shandong Chenggong (Laoshan) Law Firm 


Professional Field


Professional Achievement

Since the lawyer practice, Ji Lei mainly undertakes criminal defense and has undertaken a large number of criminal cases and difficult and complex economic cases with great influence in Qingdao, for example: Acting as the defense lawyer of Yang X, who was alleged illegal detention, he assisted Yang X in the bail pending trial with restricted liberty of moving through voluntary surrender to court when Yang X had been wanted and finically being sentenced to probation. Acting as the defense lawyer of Zhang Xxue who was alleged robbery, he dedicatedly prepared legal opinions through careful case analysis to obtain the result of nolle prosequi during the stage of review and prosecution. In a series of cases of Nie Lei's gangs, he defended one of the important members of the gangs, who finally obtained a sentence far lower than that of other accomplices; Acted the defense lawyer of the defendants in the influential case of illegal mining in Jiaozhou. Such case was the only one of the four cases of illegal mining in that year in Shandong Province, where the involved minerals charged with the investigation and the public prosecution organ were worth nearly RMB one hundred million, and after several rounds of defense and hearing by two levels of courts, the involved value was eventually reduced to less than RMB ten million, and the defendant was given a lesser punishment. Acted as the defence lawyer of one of the defendants in the biggest VAT special invoice fraud case in Qingdao in recent years, and successfully helped the client obtain a suspended sentence. Acted as the agent of a Construction Labor Company in Sichuan v. Weifang Construction Group Construction Project against construction contract dispute, he helped the labor company obtain labor fees of RMB 2 million when the counterparty did not have a settlement, and such labor fees had been implemented by paying off the debt with the house. Acted as the agent for Zhou X v. a Jiangsu Construction Group against construction contract dispute, after the first trial, second trial and retrial, he not only helped Zhou X be exempted from paying the appeal fee of more than RMB 80,000, but also successfully recovered an economic loss of RMB 5 million for Zhou X. 


Criminal defense, civil economy 

Social duties

Member of Special Criminal Committee, Qingdao Lawyers Association, member of Internship and Assessment Committee 

LLB of Shandong University